Holdman Cemetery

Blanco Co Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Joel Honeycutt and Pat Althaus

Prepared for Cemeteries of TX  by Wanda Qualls

Used with  permission of the Blanco County Historical Commission,  101 Pitchfork, Johnson City, TX 78636.

Transcribed by:  Viola Hoppe and Mabel (Holton) Burleson

Location:   On 962 East.  2 miles from junction of 962 and 962 Spur.  On right, on top of hill, about 100 yards from road.  Cannot be seen from road.  Gate with road. On second fence a sign "Shooting Resort" can be seen from road.

Last Name                         First Name                        Birth                     Death                    
Cowan                                 Cora                                 Jun 06 1879          Apr 21 1919

Wife of W. A. Cowan.  In quiet sleep while friends in sorrow  o'er thy weep.

Glosson                              Laura L.                          Apr 26 1872            Oct 23 1900

Wife of J. W. Glosson

Huff                                     Elmer                              Aug 03 1886            Sep 3 1894

Son of Matta and Susan Huff - Our little son sleeps sweetly here.

Huff                                    Infant son                       May  18 1891

Son of  Matt and Susan Huff - Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

Kellogg                             Martin L.                                        1847                       1894
Kellogg                             Elizabeth P.                                     1857                       1899

Esther Wedekind Reiner's grandparents

One unknown grave in the Kellogg plot

Lawson                              Joseph R.                            Nov 26 1833           Feb 12 1918
Lawson                              Susan M.                             Nov 05 1847            Dec 03 1944

Lawson                               W. B.                                   Sep 05 1866            Sep 25 1912

Smith                                   Sophie                                May 23 1876            Dec 13 1914

Possible a sister of J. W. Glosson

Wilson                                  John                                               1864                         1933
Wilson                                  Annie                                             1873                         1956

Gone but not forgotten.   Clifton Wilson's parents

Wilson                                 Mattie                                             1897                        1966

Sister of Clifton Wilson

2 unknow graves,  one in wrought iron enclosure.  One with rock but no inscription

Huff                                     Matt                                 Aug 11 1910              Jan 27 1942

Holdman                              G. Earl                              Jan 23 1891               Feb 05 1891                          

Note: Son of George and Annie Holdman.  Jesus loves the pure and holy.

Holdman                              Joshua                              Dec 26 1884              Dec 16 1902

He was beloved by God and man.

Holdman children (names: Willie and Annie) - no markers.  I wrought iron fence.