Wegner Cemetery

Blanco Co Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Joel Honeycutt and Pat Althaus

Prepared for Cemeteries of TX  by Wanda Qualls

Used with  permission of the Blanco County Historical Commission,  101 Pitchfork, Johnson City, TX 78636.

Transcribed by: unknown (1984)

Location:  The cemetery in on the Elo and Rose Krueger Place (1984)
Turn right off of Hwy 281 south onto the Little Blanco River Road and go 4.2 miles to Elo Krueger
home, follow the ranch road past the house, barns along field road to a fork in the road, take a left and
few yards to the right is the cemetery.  Marker, three graves and a wire fence.

Last Name                         First Name                        Birth                     Death                    
Wegner                               Martin                               Jun 14 1823          Sep 07 1911

Born in Prussia
Married Dorathea
Children: Gustav; Emil; Otto; William; Henry; Martha; Albert; August
The Wegners probably came to Texas between 1853 and 1857

Wegner                                Dorothea                           Aug 06 1824         Jul 20 1897

born: Pfeiffer (was on tombstone and not sure if that was a place she was born or her maiden name.
She was born in Prussia

Wegner                                  Martha                           Oct 09 1863           Apr 20 1950

She was an MD and never married. Parents were Martin and Dorothea Wegner.