Klinger Cemetery
Blanco Co Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Joel Honeycutt and Pat Althaus

Prepared for Cemeteries of TX  by Wanda Qualls

Used with  permission of the Blanco County Historical Commission,  101 Pitchfork, Johnson City, TX 78636.

Transcribed by: June Baird (1984)

Location:  Luther Hill Ranch (1984) - 281 south - go past Little Blanco Inn and past Kendalia Road and on to 2nd entrance left of 281 after past Kendalia Road.  Follow ranch road to a fork in the road, take left fork and go past Old Koch house, over a cattle guard, a water tank and on to second house (about 2 1/2 miles from 281).  Go on road in front of rock house, past rock water tank.  Stop at fence and is a short walk to grave (30 yards north eat of the fence) The grave is fenced.

Name: Anna Fisher Klinger
Born: 1860 in Texas
Died: Dec 1904
Parents: Born in Prussia
Married: William Klinger
Children: Albert; Ed; Ernest; Emil; Freda Klinger Ludwig