Heidmann Cemetery

Blanco Co Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Joel Honeycutt and Pat Althaus

Prepared for Cemeteries of TX  by Wanda Qualls

Used with  permission of the Blanco County Historical Commission,  101 Pitchfork, Johnson City, TX 78636.

Transcribed by:  June Baird  (1983)

Location:  Located on George Brown place (1983)  At Twin Sisters take road to right up Little
Blanco River for 1/2 mile.  Turn left, take road to house.  From there, the cemetery is 1/2 mile
through the pasture.

Heidmann                           Alwine Helene                  Nov 18 1903         May 02 1907

Parents: Willie and Emma Armke Heidmaann
Siblings: Elsa Hulda Heidmann Brown and Arthur Willie Heidmann

Heidmann                             Emma                              Jul 13 1879             Feb 13 1939

Maiden name:  Armke
Parents:  Frederick (F. C.)  and Wilhelminia Bindseil Armke
Married: Willie Heidmann on Jan 17 1903 in Blanco
Children: Alwine Helene Heidmann;  Elsa Hulda Heidmann Brown; Arthur Willie Heidmann

Heidmann                              Wilhelm (Willie)              Aug 14 1873            Jun 26 1932

Parents: Friedrich and Karoline Wenzel Weil Heidmann
Siblings:  Augusta Heidmann Beckmann; Fred Heidmann; Sophie Heidmann Werner.
Willie (Wilhelm) stayed on the Heidmann homestead which he farmed until his death.

Heidmann                               Karoline Wenzel Weil     Nov 05 1839          Sep 18 1907

Birthplace:  Lichenhein bei Jena, Germany
Karoline was the widow of George Weil and the youngest of six children born to Friedrich Andreas Wenzel and Maria Christiane Huttenrauch.  She came to Texas with her  parents and their family on the "Hampden"  which left Hamburg in 1854 and arrived in Galveston on Apr 01 1854.  From Indianola they went to New Braunfels where they were pioneer settlers.  She married Friedrich heidmann on May 27 1868.

Children:  Augusta Heidmann Beckmann; Fred Heidmann; Willie (Wilhelm) Heidmann;
Sophie Heidmann Werner.
Karoline had one know brother (Karl Wenzel) who moved from Twin Sisters area to
New Braunfels.

Brown                                     Infant William                       mid 1930's

Lived 10 hours.
Parents: George and Elsa Hulda Heidmann Brown.
Siblings: Carl Arthur and George Paul

Heidmann                                Frederich                     Dec 13 1832             Feb 29 1921

Birth place:  Brandenburg, Prussia
Married: Karoline Wenzel Weil on May 27 1868
Friedrich was a pioneer settler of Twin Sisters.  He came to Texas in 1857
His trade was listed as a mason.  He enlisted in the Civil War as a Union Solder as a
private at New Orleans, La.  and served for three years.  After the Civil War, he lived
several years in Comal County.  After he married Karoline, they lived on their homestead
at Twin Sisters their entire married life where he was a farmer.
Children:  Augusta Heidmann Beckmann; Fred Heidmann; Wilhelm (Willie) Heidmann;
Sophie Heidmann Werner.

6 graves with markers

Braun                                   Elsa                                Aug 22 1907                     Jan  1988