Harmon Cemetery
Blanco Co Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Joel Honeycutt and Pat Althaus

Prepared for Cemeteries of TX  by Wanda Qualls

Used with  permission of the Blanco County Historical Commission,  101 Pitchfork, Johnson City, TX 78636.

Location:  The Harmon Cemetery is located on 281 South  290 East - .2 mile outside
Johnson City city limits - on right.  In 1985 on property adjacent to the Lydon Hobbs residence.

Last Name                         First Name                        Birth                     Death                    
Vaden                                 A. J.                                  May 30 1828       Jun 09 1899

Leave you, dear friends, for a heavenly land, but hope you are long will join the heavenly band.
Grave fenced with iron fence.

The following graves are enclosed with a iron fence.
Harmon                             Ouida                                  Dec 08 1896          Nov 19 1981
Harmon                             Rev. W. B.                          Mar 31 1852         Feb 18 1926

I have manifested they name unto the men whcih yo gavest me out of the world.

Harmon                               Laura                                  Jun 22 1861           Jun 26 1904

Wife of W. B. Harmon.  As a wife devoted; as a mother affectionate; as a Christian devoted and

Harmon                               Cecil                                    Oct 25 1893           Jul 04 1894
Harmon                                Our Baby Boy                    Feb 10 1895           Jul 01 1895
Harmon                                L. Vida G.                           Nov 29 1885          Jun 28 1886

Sacred to the memory of our children - W. B. and L. A. Harmon.  Sweet flowers transplanted
another time.

Kemp                                   Mary                                  Feb 19 1887             May 13 1902
Kemp                                   Mary A.                             Feb 07 1825             Oct 25 1896

Come ye Blessed.  In memory of Mary A., wife of W. A. Kemp. Our mother.  In God's
morn her orb will rise; once more a star of Paradise.

Kemp                                 Jessie                                    Feb 01 1899             Jun 12 1899

Daughter of W. A. and B. Z. Kemp.  Our darling baby quietly sleeps while loving parents
o'er thee weep.

Harmon                               Offie M.                             May 06 1892            Nov 06 1918

Texas  Pvt. Q. M. Corps

The following grave is enclosed with an iron fence.
Kemp                                   W. A.                                 Feb 07 1840               Sep 22 1905

The pains of death are past; labor and sorrow cease; and life's long warfare closed at
last; his soul is found in peace.