Shady Cemetery

Seymour, Baylor Co., Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Wanda Irby


Old abandoned cemetery, very overgrown with mesquite trees and weeds. There is evidence that there was a fence around the whole thing. Now three plots containing six of the nine discernable graves are fenced. From Seymour take Highway 277 to county road 436. It leaves the highway at an angle going almost due west at a large red brick house that is also abandoned. Follow this about 1 3/4 miles. The cemetery is on the back side of a tank dam in a clump of mesquite trees about 100 yards from the road. There is some evidence that there may have been other graves there also. Those marked in any way have been recorded.
1.  Marshal Howell FRANKLIN	wrought iron fence

	Aug.14 1884

	June 16 1907

2.  Lena Ruth 

	dau of  	H.J. & J. HENDERSON

	Nov.14 1904

	Feb. 17 1905

	Hold her, O" Father in thine arms 	  And let her henceforth be  A messenger of love between  Our human hearts and thee.

3.   Harvey

	 Harvey J. 	2. & 3. Enclosed in nice pipe fence with bells on it.

	Son of H.J. & J. HENDERSON

	June 6 1906

	Aug. 27 1909  

4.  Sleep  in Jesus

	Nanie Lee dau. Of P.G. & F.A. BASDEN

	born Jan. 6 1894

	died Nov. 30 1905

	There is no death in Heaven   no fence  For they who gain that shore Have won their immortality   And they can die no more.



      	Welcome Snyder                stone broken--no fence

	         born  Jan. 8 1907

	         died  May 15 1909      BABY	

6.          HOPE

    	Ruby D. Dau. Of 	W.T. & J.E.


	     born	Feb. 11 1885

	     died	June 16 1903

7.  Sandstone with no information

8.  Peace Perfect Peace         6,7, & 8 has a rock curb and a chain link 

	Julie E.                    fence.	     Wife of    W.T. MARIS

	Born Nov. 29 1866

	Died Feb. 10 1906

	Our darling mother has gone before To greet us on the Golden Shore.

9.  Maurice son of                  stone is broken three ways--no fence

	J.E. & Willie  McCLURE

	born Feb 3, 1901

	died June 2 1904

10.  T.M. PRATT                 Masonic emblem on the other side.  It is 

 only stone facing west.

This is all the discernable graves.

Copied by Wanda Irby.