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Many thanks to Susan Hawkins, former CC of the TXGenWeb Bandera County Site for all of her help and to Donna Schulte Loth  Present CC.

Cemetery -City Submitter Maps Photos
Adams/Tuff Cemetery-- Adams-Tuff Cemetery Medina Judy Mount--Susan Hawkins  294609N 0992354W goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)

Amasa Clark Family Cemetery

- Barbara Skipper - Susan Hawkins -
Arnold Cemetery on Laxon Creek Hicks Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Baker Cemetery aka Oak Rest Cemetery Medina Susan Hawkins 294828N 0991509W -
Ballentine Cemetery ~ two graves Old Ballentine Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Bandera Cemetery - Bandera- Bandera Susan Hawkins
Bandera Negro Cemetery Bandera Susan Hawkins - -
Bandera Pass Cemetery Kerrville Carol Rl McIntyre Susan Hawkins - -
Baurlein Cemetery - Carol R. McIntyre Susan Hawkins 294729N 0992122W
Cemetery near the Dixie Dude Ranch (list made abt 1970)- Susan Hawkins - -
Clark Family Cemetery Bandera Susan Hawkins HM -
Clayton Ranch Gravesite - Camel Driver Clayton Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Crockett Cemetery hwy 337 Bob Tusch-Susan Hawkins 29.7738   099.4123 -
Cypress Creek Cemetery Leakey- in Real Co. Susan Hawkins - -
Davenport Family Cemetery 3 miles from Sabinal River Susan Hawkins - -
Davenport Ranch - Single Grave Old Mark Davenport Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Dead Man's Hollow ~ Single Grave Seco Creek Susan Hawkins - -
Dial Cemetery Tarpley Carol McIntyre - -
Forest Family Cemetery-(2) Medina Susan Hawkins - -
Goodman Cemetery 337 and 16 Susan Hawkins 294951N 0991538W   -
Granville Wright Cemetery Bandera on F. M. R. 689 Susan Hawkins - -
Haby Cemetery - Susan Hawkins 294006N  0992529W -
Helm Cemetery FM 2107 Susan Hawkins - -
Helm Cemetery - Susan Hawkins - -
Hester Cemetery Old Chipman Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Hicks Ranch Cemetery Near Medina Susan Hawkins - -
Hill Cemetery ~ Single Grave Fred Hamilton place Susan Hawkins - -
Hillman - Evans Cemetery FM 2107 Susan Hawkins 295204N 0992341W  -
Hinds Cemetery Medina Carol McIntyre - -
Honey Creek Cemetery- or Slaughter Cemetery Medina Susan Hawkins 295203N 0992505W -
Insall Cemetery - Single Grave - Susan Hawkins - -
Jones Cemetery Utopia Susan Hawkins 293742N 0993226W HM -
Julian Creek Cemetery- ( The Tragedy Tree) SW of Bandera- Susan Hawkins - -
Lawyer Cemetery- on Bear Creek Bear Creek Rd Carol McIntyre- Susan Hawkins -
Lou Stevens Ranch Camp Verde unmarked - smallpox victims- Susan Hawkins - -
Mahala Jones Cemetery FM 187 Susan Hawkins - -
Mano Flats Cemetery behind the Heder house Susan Hawkins - -
McGarr Cemetery ( Started in 2002) Tuff aka Adam's Cemetery in Tuff, TX on the John McGarr Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Means Cemetery Lonie Heder Place ( 1970's) Susan Hawkins 295134N 0992000W -
Means Cemetery Lonie Heder Place ( 1970's) Susan Hawkins - -
Miller Family Cemetery Uvalde Susan Hawkins - -
Myrtle Creek Cemetery, - Single Grave Myrtle Creek School Susan Hawkins - -
North Cemetery - Two Graves- Billy Burnes Place.(1971) Susan Hawkins - -
Oak Rest Cemetery - (Baker Cem.) Medina Tracy Kemp 294828N 0991509W goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Pennington Cemetery ~ two or three graves Highway 1336 North West. Susan Hawkins - -
Pipe Creek Cemetery Bandera Francis Small- Susan Hawkins 294229N 0985615W   -
Pollys Cemetery Bandera Scott Miller- Susan Hawkins 294613N 0985933W   -
Rambie or Strickland Cemetery northeast of Bandera Carol McIntyre Susan Hawkins -
Riggs Cemetery-Single Grave Pipe Springs, TX Susan Hawkins - -
Rocky Flats Cemetery Were the graves moved? - This cemetery shows up in previous lists as being the burial place of two Buckelew children , however the two people who were always listed as being buried there, seem to be in Oak Rest Cemetery in Medina.- Susan Hawkins - - -
Ryle Cemetery - single grave Lucius Hick's Ranch,(pre 1971) Susan Hawkins - -
Saathoff Family Moore Ranch (pre 1970) Susan Hawkins - -
Saint Stanislaus Cemetery ( aka Bandera Catholic Cemetery) Banders - - -
Sauter Ranch Cemetery Sauter Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Shaw Cemetery-Three Graves - Susan Hawkins - -
Slaughter Creek Cemetery (Honey Creek Cemetery) - Susan Hawkins 295203N 0992505W   -
Scott Cemetery-Single Grave Old Charley Eckhart Place Susan Hawkins - -
Shaw Cemetery-Three Graves Indian Creek Susan Hawkins - -
Singleton Cemetery-Single Grave Indian Creek Susan Hawkins - -
Stanard Cemetery- FM 2828 Carol McIntyre -Susan Hawkins - -
St Stanislaus Cemetery Bandera Susan Hawkins - -
Stevens Family Cemeteries-(2) Bandera Creek Susan Hawkins - -
Sunset Mountain Cemetery - Alba Storms Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Tarpley Cemetery Tarpley Susan Hawkins 293830N 0991544W   goldmstar.gif (1927 bytes)
Taylor Cemetery Near Uvalde Susan Hawkins - -
Tryon - Hendrick - Arnold Cemetery Formerly called the Bandera Negro Cemetery Susan Hawkins - -
Thalmann Cemetery Old Marcus Thalmann Ranch Susan Hawkins - -
Thomas Click Grave Ranger Crossing Susan Hawkins - -
Tragedy Tree Cemetery south of Bandera Carol McIntyre - -
Trejo Cemetery Bear Creek Road Susan Hawkins - -
Turkey Springs Cemetery - Turkey Creek - Susan Hawkins - -
Unknown Cemetery Utopia contains a burial of a Warwick family member , a young girl d. 1916;- Susan Hawkins - -
Unknown Cemetery - Bandera Susan Hawkins -
Unknown Cemetery North of Medina Susan Hawkins - -

Vanderpool Cemetery

 Hwy 187 Sherry Cantrell- Susan Hawkins -
West Prong Cemetery aka Shepard Cemetery - Coal Kiln Rd Susan Hawkins 294737N 0991654W -
Williams Creek Cemetery Tarpley Susan Hawkins - -
Winans Cemetery ~ 2 graves Winan's Creel Susan Hawkins - -

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