West Camp Cemetery

Bailey County, Cemeteries of Texas

Photos by Sheriff Jerry Hicks. Cemetery and turn row road leading to it.  

Location: Travel 3 miles west on US Hwy 70/84 from the west Muleshoe city limit sign, then turn west on an unmarked paved road and travel 9 mile west until the paved road turns north. After turning north, there is a dirt turn row located about 1 mile further, turn west on the turn row, and proceed for about 1 mile into the field.

Note: Marker numbers assigned in alphabetical order and have no other value other than to designate entry as a single marker. If two entries have the same marker number, that means both names were listed on the same marker. If you have loved ones interned here and they do not have markers, or an obvious mistake has been made, please contact me by email : Gloria
If you have questions about Bailey County cemeteries, the local contact person is: Sheriff Jerry Hicks


Cemetery inscriptions recorded and transcribed by Sheriff Jerry Hicks.

Last Name, First, Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat, Marker Number
Butcher, Ida, May 18, 1873, March 12, 1935, Small home made concrete stone with small home made metal insert, A0001
Butcher, J.S., July 31, 1869, February 5, 1951, Small home made concrete stone with small home made metal insert, A0002
Cooke, Phillip Don, no date, May 17, 1934, Son of Mr & Mrs C.M. Cooke, Double Stone, A0003
Cooke, R.J., March 16, 1848, March 5, 1925, Double Stone, A0003
Foster, Infant, no date, May 30, 1935, This entry is taken from the Bailey County history book, Tales and Trails of Bailey County. I could not find a marker for the Foster child. The grave of the Foster infant. There was one grave that was marked by a small metal grave marker. However, there were no letters, dates or anything on it. This may have been the grave. A0004
Huber, Allan D., March 2, 1938, September 9, 1938, Small home made stone and metal insert, A0005
Huber, Anna A., December 28, 1873, February 12, 1951, Small home made stone and metal insert. Stone broken, 1/2 gone, A0006
Huber, Carl C., February 28, 1873, November 25, 1937, Small home made stone and metal insert, A0007
Huber, Carl J., February 9, 1932, May 27, 1932, Small home made stone and metal insert, A0008
Johnson, Twins, 1965, 1965, Small metal marker only. No other information, A0009
Knowles, A.H., April 12, 1872, March 11, 1928, Has Father inscribed on top, A0010
Knowles, Minnie Opal, 1931, 1932, Stone is lying flat on the ground, A0011
Pulliam, Gene, December 12, 1939, December 12, 1939, Small home made stone and metal insert, A0012
Tipton, Eld. S.F., July 1, 1856, August 26, 1940, Metal marker shows his name as Samuel Francis Tipton, A0013
Tipton, Laura Ann, July 5, 1860, January 26, 1957, Has Mother inscribed on the stone, A0014
Waller, Mrs. Vera A., August 13, 1913, October 20, 1932, Small metal marker. No DOB on it, but it showed that she lived 19 yrs 2 mos 7 days, A0015
Welch, Rev. T.G., 1879, 1933, Double stone, lying flat, A0016
Welch, Etta, 1874, 1958, Double stone, lying flat, A0016

C.E. Grant, owner of the land where the cemetery is located, said that one body was dug up, probably in the 1960's. He wasn't sure where the body was taken or who it was.