Maple Cemetery 

Maple, Bailey County, Cemeteries of Texas

Location: Maple Cemetery - Maple is a small town in the southwest part of Bailey County. To get to the cemetery, travel 1 mile north from Maple on Texas highway 596, then west on county road (dirt road) 1316. The cemetery will be 1 mile west on county road 1316 on the north side of the road. The cemetery has been covered over from the elements and only one unmarked grave is visible shown at left. If you have loved ones interned here and they do not have markers, or an obvious mistake has been made, please contact me by email : Gloria Mayfield
If you have questions about Bailey County cemeteries, the local contact person is:

Sheriff Jerry Hicks

Photos by Sheriff Jerry Hicks


This cemetery was recorded and transcribed by Sheriff Jerry Hicks.

Last Name, First, Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat, Marker Number
Brackman, Donny Robert, November 19, 1942, December 27, 1942, A001
Daricek, Minnie Elizabeth, January 21, 1897, November 29, 1935, A002
Gentry, James, July 18, 1885, September 19, 1936, A003
Rodriquez, Antonio, June 12, 1899, December 22, 1941, A004
Sanderson, Jay T., September 9, 1934, September 9, 1934, A005

Some remains may have been moved to other cemeteries, but there is no official record of any disinterrements.