Bula Cemetery

Bula, Bailey County, Cemeteries of Texas

History: From The Tales and Trails of Bailey County:

"The Bula Cemetery was set up in late 1929. It was used for a few years, then it fell into disuse with a very unkept appearance. About 1976, a group of concerned citizens banded together into a cemetery association, and began the work of restoration. Since restoration work was started, a new fence has been constructed, the lots surveyed and marked off on a plat made by Chester Setliff, trees have been planted and it is now kept mowed, with a much more pleasing appearance. The location of the graves have never been established, but by searching records and by private records, the names of the 'above' persons are listed as being buried in the Bula Cemetery. A permanent marker has been erected with the names of all those buried in the Bula Cemetery on it."

In 1988, the Cemetery Association was still organized, with Betty Harlan as President, and Faye Jones as Secretary. The Association can be reached by mail at Bula, Texas 79320. The cemetery is open to any who would wish to use it. The lots are free, but anyone buried there must have a permanent marker so that no more graves will be lost in the future. If you have loved ones interned here and they do not have markers, or an obvious mistake has been made, please contact me by email: Gloria 

Location: Travel 13 miles south of Muleshoe on Texas highway 214 to Needmore, then 4 miles east on Texas highway 298  to Circle Back, then turn south on highway FM 3397. The cemetery is about 7 miles south of Circle Back and is located on the east side of the road.

Photos by Jerry Hicks

This cemetery was recorded and transcribed by Sheriff Jerry Hicks.

Last Name, First, Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat, Marker Number
Adamson, Opal L., 1931, 1931, A001
Attaway, James Newton, July 22, 1953 in Caddo Parish, Louisisanna, June 12, 1947
Bray, Lewis A., 1936, 1936, A002
Cleveland, James, Not listed, 1932, A003
Clevenger, Wanda , 1935, 1935, A004
Darnell, Baby Boy, 1935, 1935, A005
Kelsey, Bernie J., 1950, 1951, A006
Kelsey, Billy J., 1950, 1951, A007
Miraval, Ruben, 1940's, 1950's, A008
Morrow, Dorothy D., Not listed, 1931, A009
Morrow, Twin Sister, Not listed, 1931, A010
Pierce, Baby Boy, 1933, 1933, A011
Spanish Man, Not listed, 1936, A012
Tubb, Daniel, 1880, 1932, A013