Baileyboro Cemetery

Bailey County, Cemeteries of Texas

Photos by Sheriff Jerry Hicks

Location: Travel 13 miles south of Muleshoe on Texas highway 214 to Needmore, Texas, then 5 miles west on Texas highway 298 to the intersection with highway FM 2487. The cemetery is located at the southeast corner of the intersection.

Note: Marker numbers were assigned only to designated one from another. Double markers are noted were two listings have the same marker number.If you have loved ones interned here and they do not have markers, or an obvious mistake has been made, please contact me by email: Gloria

If you have questions about Bailey County cemeteries, the local contact person is: Sheriff Jerry Hicks

This cemetery was recorded and transcribed by Sheriff Jerry Hicks.

Last Name, First/ Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat, Marker Number
Applin, S.A., Born 1895, Died 1932, Lightly engraved on a flat stone, A0001
Baker, Minerva, September 1, 1869, January 28, 1944, A0002
Blackshear, George L., 1877, 1941, Stone has a picture on it, A0003
Blackshear, Simeon M., January 23, 1853, June 12, 1939, Middle name is Marshall, A0004
Callagher, Emma C., January 22, 1893, September 14, 1935, A0005
Chaney, A.J., October 27, 1850, October 6, 1931, Name & dates painted on a rock that is used as a headstone, A0006
Cunningham, Calvin, November 29, 1924, June 17, 1936, Has a picture on headstone, A0007
Duty, Bettie, 1871, 1939, A0008
Ellis, Clara Neutzler , August 22, 1902, October 7, 1994, full name on stone is Clara Neutzler Mueller Ellis, A0009
Ellis, Henry Albert, January 31, 1891, December 18, 1979, VA stone also, Army Corporal in WWI, A0009
Fears, Leonard J., March 21, 1880, October 13, 1934, Beloved Husband and Father, A0010
Fine, Glenda Gail, May 12, 1938, October 18, 1938, A0011
French, (baby boy), 1924, Infant sons of Mr & Mrs G.C. French, A0012
French, (baby boy), 1931, A0012
Garth, Tommy Gene, May 14, 1925, February 1, 1932, Headstone is damaged. I think that this is his correct first name, A0013
Hairgrove, Billie Earl, March 20, 1935, December 22, 1935, A0014
Hairgrove, Margie L., no date, June 10, 1929, Broken headstone, footstone says 'Baby', A0015
Kelton, Everth? D., September 27, 1911, May 30, 1933, Plastered stone, first name is unclear, A0016
Kelton, Ida May, 1882, 1968, Metal name plate only, A0017
Kelton, Meleon D., February 15, 1883, March 4, 1938, Plastered stone, A0018
Lafon, Fate A., May 6, 1877, May 17, 1962, A0019
Lafon, Laura B., January 3, 1880, March 15, 1972, A0019
Lafon, Friddie Wayne, August 10, 1942, August 10, 1942, A0020
Lodelle, Phyllis, July 19, 1936, March 18, 1938, Angel is written on the stone, A0021
Morse, Estella , 1912, 1933, Enscription says, "Wife of R.B. Morse", A0022
Neutzler, Adolph J., 1881, 1940, A0023
Neutzler, Louise K., 1881, 1979, A0023
Neutzler, Adolph L., 1916, 1941, A0024
Schmitz, Geneva I., August 21, 1925, June 21, 1939, A0025

Sowder, Micky, no date, no date, Wooden cross with a wreath around it - no information or name on it, A0026
Taylor, Bertha, 1899, 1943, A0027
Taylor, Roy Lee, March 6, 1902, July 3, 1991, Rock with information painted on it, A0028
Wallis, (Unknown), 1925, 1925?, Plaster headstone. Shows "Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.B. Wallis", A0029
"Wallis, Bet?a Dens?, January 1, 1927, March 1929, Plaster headstone. Not sure of dates. Shows to be daugher of Wallis'. A0029
Watson, D. Lois, July 31, 1908, January 29, 1933, A0030
Williams, Charles W., December 27, 1869, February 7, 1949, Both buried in a marked off plot, A0031
Williams, Ella J., February 7, 1876, October 13, 1932, A0032

There are several unmarked graves.


No marker for this one, but a family member contacted us to add this one:
Parnell, Mary E., born August-10-1863 , died April-25-1942. The information came from her death certificate, which is on page 49, volume 5 of the Bailey County death records.