Goodnight Cemetery

 Goodnight, Armstrong County, Cemeteries of Texas


Historical Marker: Charles and Mary Ann Dyer Goodnight  To them the Panhandle pays reverent and grateful tribute.

Cemetery and town are named for early settler, Charles Goodnight and his wife, Mary Ann Dyer Goodnight. Historically, they were earliest settlers in the area and had a "dug-out" home in nearby Palo Duro Canyon and developed the cattle industry in the area.

Lat: 3502'47"N, Lon: 10110'25"W

Cemetery located north of Hwy 287 to Juliet Road, turn right then left on paved road to cemetery.

Submitted by Leaton Clark  (LC)  Submitted by Keith & Jerry Lou Nix (KJN)

Last Name First Name Mo Da Year Mo Da year Comments
Hudson Alma Amy (Wilmoth) Apr 22 1901 Mar 1 1991 w/o Clarence M (LC)
Hudson Clarence M     (VET)  Dec 25 1895 Feb 5 1949 son/o Henry Stow,   Veteran  (LC)
Hudson Henry Stow Mar 20 1866 Jan 4 1943 h/o Nellie Ann (LC)    B: GA s/o Fredrich T. & Anna Elizabeth Sims  M: Oct 19 1893 Grove, TX
Hudson Nellie Ann Strickland May 1 1871 Mar 31 1947 w/o Henry Stow Hudson (LC)  Death Certificate sign by Mrs R.O. Mages(dau)
Hudson Infant, Wilmoth Henry       Apr 13 1924 s/o Clarence & Alda Mae  (LC)
Hudson Nellie Beatrice Jan 17 1914 Sep 27 1915 d/o Henry and Nellie Ann  (LC)
Nix Edith Jewel Sep 12 1916 Jun 10 1918 d/o J.O. & Beulah (KJN) ( Death Certificate) Donley Co. TX  Texas Deaths
Nix Loice Freeman Feb 12 1889 Feb 18 1920 d/o Miles Jennings and Sarah Elizabeth Freeman  (KJN)
Nix Miles Jennings Jul 8 1863 Oct 22 1922 s/o Jennings O. & Beulah Pool Gregg Nix (KJN) Death Certificate  Ashtola, Donley Co. TX