Bitter Creek Cemetery, Harmon County, Oklahoma.

For inscriptions see: * Bitter Creek Cemetery.

Location:  From Hollis, the cemetery is located 2.5 miles West, 4 miles North, 1 mile West, and 1.5 mile North.

History:  Land originally owned by Cornelius L. and Viola Boyd Ragsdale who gave about 2.26 acres for $1.00 to be used as a cemetery and for school property. Later, A. J. and Della Hall donatedc 3 acres for the school and cemetery for payment of $1.00.

Inscriptions by Jeanette Coaly

Last name, First/Middle Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Ephitat
?, ?, no date, no date, Infant of Laborer on Ragsdale Place, (unmarked grave)
Barren, Josephine, no date, Aug. 10, 1906, 62 Years, Wife of J. L. Barren
Bodenhammer, W. A., Feb. 8, 1844, May 18, 1905, Husband of T. M.
Boyd, Nellie and Nellie, no date, no date, Infants of Jessie Boyd
Fain, Lester, no date, no date
Ford, Minnie, no date, no date, Infant of Henry & Annie Ford
Holtzclaw, Emory, no date, no date,
Holtzclaw, Gertie, no date, no date, Daughter
Harden, Alonza, Aug. 14, 1872, Sep. 24, 1938, The family of Alonza and Ida Luck Harden: Viva-Clyde-Lowell-Velma-Martell, married Oct. 4, 1904
Harden, Ida Melvina, Mar. 14, 1888, Nov. 28, 1978
Harden, Velma Lee, Mar. 14, 1913, Feb. 9, 1922,
Holt, Mrs. Reynolds, no date, 1918, Second wife of Leigh Holt (no marker)
Hill, Infant, no date, 1912, Infant son of O. D. & Jettie Mae Hill
Harmon, Callie, no date, 1912, Wife of J. H.
Harmon, Cecil and Lee, no date, no date, Sons of T. J. & Gabra
Harmon, Gabra, no date, 1906, Wife of T. J.
Harmon, James H., Jul. 28, 1840, Jan. 7, 1918, Mason
Harmon, T. J., Feb. 15, 1873, Jul. 31, 1947
Howard, Lucy, B., no date, no date, Wife of L. M.
Howard, M. J., no date, no date, Son of L. B. & L. M.
Goodman, Annie Bell, Aug. 30, 1909, Feb. 2, 1911, Daughter of L. M. & Ora
Luck, 2 children, no date, no date, Children of M. West & Blache B.
Luck, Annie L., no date, no date, Daughter of M. West and Blanche B.
Luck, Carey, 1900, 1921, Son of C. H.
Luck, George Henry, Jan. 19, 1859, Jul. 9, 1932
Luck, Loretta, no date, no date, 7 years old, Daughter of Pink and Maggie
Luck, Mollie, Dec. 23, 1863, May 17, 1927, Wife of G. H.
Luck, Myrtle Alberta, no date, no date, Daughter of Pink & Maggie
Luck, Sarah Jane, Jul. 28, 1859, Feb. 17, 1927, Wife of G. H.
Mead, Virginia Dare, no date, no date, Infant of Bill and Maude
Newberry, Irene, no date, no date
Parker, Letha, Jun. 14, 1912, Dec. 24, 1920, Daughter of G. H. & Margaret
Parker, Melvin, May 1916, Feb. 1917, Son of G. H. & Margaret
Powers, Ada Mae, no date, 1921, Age 2 years
Ragsdale, Chester Lee, no date, 1918, Killed in WWI
Ragsdale, Cornelius L., Oct. 18, 1863, May 19, 1940
Ragsdale, Viola Alemete Boyd, Dec. 19, 1863, Jan. 4, 1918
Renneau, Loeva, no date, 1930, Infant of Malloy & Gabra
Roe, Lillian Ada, Nov. 1885, Mar. 1911, Wife & Infant of Eugene
Scott, James A., Nov. 15, 1834, Jan. 18, 1904, PVT Co F 6th Regt. Arkansas Infantry CSA
Scott, Martha H., Oct. 3, 1840, Oct. 20, 1901, Wife of J. A.
Scott, Susan, no date, no date, Wife of W. C.
Scott, William McCullough, 1836, Aug. 2, 1915, PVT Co A 6th Regt. Arkansas Infantry CSA
Stewart, Cassie Naomi, no date, no date, Daughter of T. J. & Olivia
Tyler, Infant, Feb. 21, 1909, May 3, 1912, Infant of A. G. & Mildred
Tyler, Thelma E., May 15, 1912, Jul. 6, 1917
Vansickle, ?, no date, no date
Waldrip, Infant, no date, no date, Infant of Charlie & Delia
Wynn, Carroll, no date, no date, Son of H. E. & Ella