San Miguel Cemetery,

Sierra County, Cemeteries of New Mexico

Inscriptions by the Sierra County Genealogical Society, Nov 12, 1994.
Submitted by President Sandi Evilsizer Koscak

Location: San Miquel is a settlement located on Palomas Creek, 6 miles southwest of Cuchillo. Take I25 to State Hwy 52.

About the cemetery: This is an old western style cemetery no longer in use. All visible graves have been recorded. The graves with just initials are the only marking for a lot of the graves. Some of the graves did have Foot Stones, but most of the time with nothing on them and sometime even the head stones had nothing on them, like the ones at Gold Dust. - Eagle Jones, one of the transcribers.  

Last, First, Birth, Death, Other
A.C., d. Oct ?,??
A.D., d. 1918
A.G.L., d. 1917
A.G.L., d. Aug 29, 1914
A.P.P., d. Nov 14, 1918
A.R., d. 1929
A.R., d. ? 22, 1918
A.R.L., d. Apr 13, 1925
A.S.S., d. Aug 4, 1931
Apodaca, Maggie Ch., d. ??, 84yrs
B.L., d. May 5, 1918
C.C.S., d. Oct 24, 1919
C.S., d. Aug 29, ??
C.S., d. Jun 8, 1930
Chavez, Isabel, d. Dec 25, 1932
Chavez, Juan, d. Mar 28, 1932
E.R., no dates
F.B., d. Aug 23, 1931
F.R.L., d. Sep 1, 1928
H.M., no dates
J.B.L., d. Jul 11, 1930
J.F., d. Nov 10, 1910
J.R.L., d. Apr 10, 1928
L-Ro, Feles, d. ? 24, 1932
L.J., d. Sep 5, 1933
L.M., no dates
L.R., d. Aug 21, 1930
M.J., d. Feb 11. 1925
M.S.J., d. Sug 10, 1931
P.G., d. Oct 24, 1919
R.H., no dates
R.S., d. Nov 2, 1918
Romero, Adam, d. 1934
Silva, M.A., d. Oct 3, 1931
Sonsal, Mr. Adiel, d. ?? 25, 1932
T.G.R., d. 1917
T.H., d. Sep 12, 1921
T.L., d. 1918
T.S., d. ??, 1922
T.S., d. Nov 1, 1918
Unknown, d. Mar, 1918
Unknown, d. Sep 20, 1920
Y.L.M., d. Nov 28, 1929.
Zamora, S., d. Nov 4th, 1918

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