Hermosa Cemetery

Sierra County, Cemeteries of New Mexico

Inscriptions by the Sierra County Genealogical Society, Nov 18, 1994
Submitted by President Sandi Evilsizer Koscak

About the cemetery: Hermosa was started in 1880 on the south fork of Palomas River. It survived until 1929. All known grave sites have been recorded. Many of the graves are unmarked. The cemetery is no longer used.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
??, Baby Grave, no dates
Bentley, Alex, no dates, Co. E. 12 NY Inf
Bostick, J. F., b. 1845, d. Dec 5, 1921
Bostick, J. F., b. 1845, d. Feb 21, 1925
Caudill, Lillian Vivian Sidney Ann, d. Nov 5, 1894, age: 73yrs 6mos
Emerick, Archibald Cox, b. 1890, Fairview, NM, d. Mar 3, 1955
Emerick, Elmer C., b. Jun 17, 1902, d. Nov 6, 1930
Emerick, Martha, b. Aug 20, 1892, d. Jun 17, 1957, Mother
Emerick, Nathaniel, Jr., d. Oct 7, 1941, Pvt. 30 Inf
Marshall, John H., no dates
McCrelis, P. M., no dates, Co. C. 124th IL Inf
Miranda, Higinio, d. 1915
Miranda, J.J., d. 1915
Pagne, John H., b. Jan 7, 1882, Kenney Co. TX, d. Apr 26, 1918, Woodman of the World Stone
Reavis, I.F., b. Nov 24, 1852, d. Apr 2, 1905
Stephens, Wilson J., d. Feb 27, 1893, age: 42yrs 5mos 15dy, Son of James & Rebecca Stephens, Death Wings Triumphant Der Mankind Hope Cheers The Soul Eternal Bliss to Find, Masonic Stone
W. A., d. 1909

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