Fort McRae Cemetery

Sierra County, Cemeteries of New Mexico

Inscriptions by the Sierra County Genealogical Society
Submitted by Sandi Evilsizer Koscak, President of the Sierra County Genealogical Society

Location: By Elephant Butte Lake on the south side of McRae Canyon at the waters edge.

History: Established on Apr 3, 1863, the Fort was named for Capt. Alexander McRae, who died at the Battle of Valverde. Fort McRae was abandoned Oct 30, 1876, and is now covered by Elephant Butte lake. Burials at Fort McRae Cemetery were relocated to National, State, public or private cemeteries. Capt. McRae's remains, first interred at Fort Craig, NM, were removed and buried at West Point, New York, Jun 5, 1867.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
Boys, James G., b. Helena, Kent Co. England, d. Nov 7, 1868, Civil Emp. D.M.D., Died from disease
Bratling, Frank, b. Germany, d. Jul 13, 1873, age: 26yrs, Corp. 'C' Troop 8th Cal. Received Medal of Honor 1873, Died from gunshot wound inflicted by Indians near Canada Alamosa, NM
Brown, George, no dates, Pvt., Killed by Indians
Castilla, Anfonia J., b. Alamea, NM, d. no dates, age: 30yrs, Corp. 'D' NM Inf, Accidentally shot
Cavenaugh, J., b. Ireland, d. no dates, near Alamocita, Pvt. Inf.
Dickey, George S., b. California, d. no dates, Pvt. 'G' US Cal, Died from disease
Duggan, Edward, no dates, Citizen
Dunn, Charles, no dates, Pvt. 'C'
Gregman, Pablo, b. Paratlo, Valencia, NM, d. no dates, age: 25yrs, Pvt. 'C' NM Inf, Died from disease
Hagen, Richard, no dates, Pvt. 'C', Killed by citizen
Indian Boy, no dates, Natural Death
Indian Man, no dates, Amputated leg after gunshot would. Died of desease
Indian Women, d. 1862, Was captured and shot by an Apache Indian whiole attempting to escape
Johnson, Isaac, b. Richmond, VA, d. Aug 30, 1868, age: 21yrs, Pvt. 'H' US Inf., Drowned in Rio Grande del Norte while on duty
Johnson, R. S., no dates, Pvt. Co. G., Killed by Apache Indians
Kearney, James, b. Philadelphia, PA, d. Jun 25, 1873, age: 22yrs, Pvt. 8th Cal, Died from by drowing in the Rio Grande
Linder, William, b. from California, d. Dec 2, 1873, age: 38yrs, Pvt. 8th US Cal, Died from bronchitis resulting in collapsing of the lung
McKay, Ada A., d. Aug 15, 1874, Daughter of R.K. and A.J. McKay
McKee, A., no dates, Pvt. US Cal.
O'Brien, Chs., no dates, Pvt. Co. G., Killed by Apache Indians
O'Toole, Patrick, b. from Ohio, d. Aug 20, 1873, age: 22yrs, 1st. Sgt. 'h' Troop 8th Cal, Died from gunshot wound that penatrated the cranium. Inflicted near Canada Alamosa, NM
Padilla, Felipe, b. from Dona Ana Co. NM, d. 1864, age: 25yrs, Shot by accident
Pfeiffer, Mrs., d. Aug 25, 1862, Hot Springs, NM, age: 25yrs, Wife of Major Pfeiffer. Killed by Apache Indians
Rowlett, Wm.J., no dates, Pvt. Co. G., Drowned in the Rio Grande
Schroank, J., d. Jun 1, 1870, Pvt. 'B' US Inf
Shaw, Alfred, no dates, Pvt. 'C', Died from disease

Unknown, no dates, Body found near Alamocita when cemetery was removed
Unknown, no dates

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