Chloride Santo Nino Cemetery

Chloride, Sierra County, Cemeteries of New Mexico

Inscriptions by the Sierra County Genealogical Society, Dec. 3, 1994.
Submitted by Sandi Evilsizer Koscak, President of the SCGS.

Location: Approximately 42 miles from Truth or Consequences, NM on Hwy 52. Take I-25 north from TorC approx. 15 miles. Look for Cucillo turnoff. Same area as Chloride Mountain View Cemetery.

All of the graves in the cemetery were recorded. Their were no missing headstones. This cemetery is still in use, but has no perpetural care.

Last, First, Birth, Death, Comments
A. G. T., d. Jul 1953
Abalos, Francisca, d. Jul 7, 1931, 4 yrs
Alerico, , d. Apr 15, 1927
Baca, Demecio P., b. 1872, d. 1940
Baca, Lenonides G., b. Dec 10, 1916, d. Aug 28, 1955,","NM TCE4 HQ CO 83rd Inf
Baca, Luis C., b. 1875, d. 1955
Baca, M., d. Nov 14, 1918
Baca, Y. V., d. Nov 20, 1918
Bourguet, Pilar T., no dates
C. G. B., d. Mar 5, 1927
DeBaca, Sofia R., d. Apr 2, 1931
Esau, d. Jun 29, 1930
G. C. B., d. Jun 26, 1928
G. M. G., d. May 9, 1930
Gonzales, Atanasia, d. ? 26, 1931
Gurule, A. C., d. Mar 28, 1937, Wooden Cross
Gurule, Amalia R., d. Oct 23, 1919
Gurule, Elvira R., d. Jun 26, 1922
Gurule, Jose T., b. 1893, d. Mar 26, 1958
Gurule, Maria R., no dates
Gurule, R. C., no dates
Luna, Josefa Antonia, b. Jul 5, 1918, d. Jul 1, 1919
Luna, Josefa Antonia, no dates
Luna, Santos V., b. Nov 1, 1900, d. Dec 16, 1951
M. D. C., d. Jun 26, 1928
Marano, Miranda, d. Nov 2, 1938
Samora, Maria, b. Mar 4, 1911, d. Feb 7, 1915
Tarrazas, Eugenio, b. Apr 14, 1922, d. Apr 27, 1933
Terrazas, Cruz M., b. May 3, 1892, d. May 6, 1963
Terrazas, Emela, d. 1942
Terrazas, Eniroz, no dates
Terrazas, Paula T., b. Jan 24, 1874, d. May 6, 1961

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