Armijo Family Cemetery

Sierra County, Cemeteries of New Mexico

Inscriptions by the Sierra County Genealogical Society, June, 1996

Submitted by President
Sandi Evilsizer Koscak

Location: On the south side of Las Palomas Creek.

All graves have been recorded by the Sierra Co. Genealogical Society in June, 1996 and used with permission.
- Marilyn Poitras
Armijo, Adam A., b. Aug 1921 Las Palomas NM, d. Apr 9, 1995
Armijo, Andrew G., b. Feb 19, 1942, d. Feb 23, 1993
Armijo, Violet Mae Siefke, b. May 27, 1922 Minnesota, d. Mar 28, 1994, Daughter of Gustaf Siefke and Salma Kautz
Chavez, Serpiro, b. Jul 11, 1930, d. May 24, 1994

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