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What's Happening in Louisiana

Cemeteries of LA   Gloria B. Mayfield, Project Manager

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2004   2005   2006


July - December

Natchitoches Parish:  Union Cemetery

Orleans Parish:   Greenwood Cem

Sabine  Parish: Self Cemetery + photos info on Self Cemetery

Rapides Parish:  Camp & Pentecostal, St Clair, Rougenu. Paul Rougenu, Dewil, Elmer Cem,  Campground at Wilda, Calvary Bapt, Holt, Knight, Smith Cemetery,  Occupy #1 and Craig

Vernon Parish:   adds to Castor Cemetery, Friendship Cemetery

West Feliciana Parish: Hamilton


Bossier Parish:

DeSota Parish:   Hog Eye Cemetery

Rapides Parish:  Clifton, Nichols, Ball. Burns + Photos, Hemphill+photos, Marler Cemetery + Photos, Cotile Baptist Church + Photos

Sabine Parish:  Friendship Baptist Cemetery, Mt Freedom (photos), Antioch, Ebenezer and Prospect, Unknown Cemetery + Photos, Clearwater + Photos, Victoria Cemetery+ photos , Warren + Photos, Pleasant Hill East & West.

Vernon Parish:  Cemeteries finished (photos), Scott Cemetery (photos)