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Photos and Submitted by Tom Tinsley

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One other thing.  Catharine Fuller Tinsley Grant was my 3rd g-grandmother.  I'm obviously related to her through the Tinsley's.  However Stephen Grant is my 3rd g-grandfather through a different line.  Oddly enough, after the were both widowed they married, so I guess they're both my 3rd g-grandparents and my 3rd step-g-grandparents???

Melton Cemetery just outside of Leesville in Vernon Parish.  Jane McManus has a full and accurate listing of the cemetery (I verified her listings when I visited the cemetery last summer).  But, I only took photos of my own family.  I have attached the following for you:  This cemetery is in the middle of the the middle of NOWHERE.  I had to have a local show me to it.  It's in the middle of property owned by a lumber company. 

I have heard rumor of a few other burials that have disappeared with time, but at this point I can't prove any of them.

If you're interested in what Jane says, here is a link.
A photo of the headstone and footstone (with initials only) of Sarah Jane Grant Bagents (01 Dec 1849 / 06 Jan 1904).  She was the wife of John Bagents (15 Feb 1856 / 4 Sep 1930) and he is buried in the Walnut Hill cemetery in Vernon Parish.

A photo of the headstone and footmarker of Stephen Nathaniel Grant 27 Nov 1820 / 03 Jun 1878).  He was the father of Sarah Jane Grant Bagents.  His 1st wife was Marie Celina Armand.  I don't have proof of her birth and death, but it is generally reported that she was born in 1823 and died in 1861.  There is a report on another site that she is buried in Beasley Cemetery in Natchitoches Parish but I have no proof.....yet :-)


A general view of the cemetery.  You can see that my 3 relatives are the prominent markers.


A photo of the headstone of Catharine Fuller Tinsley Grant (16 Sep 1828  / 23 Oct 1892).  She is the 2nd wife of Stephen Grant.  Her name is mis-spelled on her marker as I have proof of the spelling Catharine.  Her 1st husband was Josiah Tinsley and he died in Ouachita Parish in July 1855.  She married Stephen Grant in 1862.

The other burials as reported by Jane and confirmed by myself are:

Parker, Erastus, son of Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Parker - b&d 30 Oct 1905   

Turner, Sarah Alice - b. 10 Jun 1844 FL/7 May 1876 Vernon Parish
Turner, Mary E. - 5 Nov 1847/9 Feb 1931
Eaton, James  There are not dates on this marker.  [This was last burial in the cemetery, during the early 1940's]