Recknor Cemetery, Sabine Parish Cemeteries of LA Gloria B. Mayfield

Recknor Cemetery 

Sabine Parish, Cemeteries of LA

Submitted by Thelma Shields

I took these names from this cemetery in the summer of 1993.  The cemetery was in really dire need of being cleaned.  Recknor Cemetery is located out of Many, behind the home of M. and Mrs. H Hippler.  As far as I know these people still live there.  Many of these headstones were broken to pieces and very hard to read.  If you know of errors in the transcriptions, please let me know.

The names with * are members of lines that I am working. (TS)

* Christopher C Farris  9-9-1849/4-27-1921 Son of Joseph H Farris)

* M J Farris 10-18-1858/12-8-1923

 * S B Guay 1845-1913

 Mollie L Pilcher w/o R M Pilcher  8-12-1870/6-20-1910

R H Pilcher 8-17-1896/7-8-1964

John Wiley, son of R M and M L Pilcher 2-28-1894/9-4-1898

Frances ? of G S Plant 7-8-1859/7-23-1899

Tamage son of G S and ? E Plant 8-11-1886/8-7-1889

* Mary A Randolph 12-1835/7-1899 ( married to John G Randolph)

 J L Watkins 1868-1944

Fannie Watkins 18?8-1905


Stories in our family say that John G Randolph is buried next to Mary Ann Randolph, but there is no headstone there.  Also there are other Guay family members said to be buried there with out head stones.