DeSoto Parish Cemeteries

DeSoto Parish Cemeteries of LA

Submitted by Norman Mayfield


Some Cities/Towns/Communities of DeSoto Parish, LA


Bayou Pierre

Belle Bower







Galloway (LA/TX)


Grand Cane

Grove Hill



Keatchie (Keachi)







Mansfield (Parish Seat)


Oak Hill

Old Pleasant Hill





South Mansfield






Wood Springs


Cemeteries of DeSoto Parish, LA

The cemeteries marked with “*” are found in the De Soto Parish Cemetery Record, published in 1980 by DeSoto Historical Society, Inc.; “V” indicates verified/visited; others were identified from obituaries or The Internet and (B) indicates African-American only. The list is an ongoing collection, is not considered complete and may contain inaccuracies or duplicates.


Cemetery Name



All Saints Episcopal Church Cemetery * Three miles east of Stonewall off Hwy 171
Allen/Allan Cemetery * Off Hwy 84, east of Mansfield
Antioch Cemetery * Antioch Church, south of Mansfield on Hwy 175, near Civil War Battle Park
Antioch Vine Cemetery   Wallace
Baptist Chapel Cemetery (B?) V Hwy 5, 1.8 miles south of intersection at Keatchie
Barber Cemetery * Ten and one half miles west of Mansfield off Hwy 84 to Hwy 481 one mile on left in the Hunter Community.
Barnes Memorial Park Cemetery (B) V On east side of Hwy 5, south of Longstreet.
Belle Bower Cemetery V On Speights Road, near the State Line: from Hwy 5 at Longstreet, turn west on Rd 3015 toward LA/TX line. Continue through a four-way crossing and the cemetery is on the right, next to Hog Eye Cemetery. From Carthage, take Hwy 59 S, then FM 2517 E, cross FM 699, cross FM 31, cross Socagee Creek, FM 2517 then makes a left turn at Powell’s Store (closed). Continue on FM 2517 to CR 467, turn right and continue to the State Line, where Speights Road begins. Can bee seen from the road.
Benevolent Cemetery (B?)   Mansfield
Benson Cemetery * Benson
Bethel Cemetery V* In the Bethel Community, near Logansport. Take Hwy 84 East, from Logansport, there is a sign to the Bethel Community, turn left on Bethel Road. The cemetery is about 6 miles from the Hwy, across from the Bethel United Methodist Church.
Bethel Cemetery (B)   Frierson
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery   Hwy 5, Gloster
Bethlehem Cemetery   Bayou Pierre Lake
Beulah Cemetery * On the Lula Road, off Hwy 84 west of Mansfield
Bonchest UNC Cemetery   Mansfield
Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery V Hwy 171, South of Stonewall
Canaan BC Cemetery   Stonewall
Carmel Catholic Cemetery   305 Jefferson, Carmel 71052
Carmel Cemetery * Carmel
Central Baptist Church Cemetery   DeSoto Parish
Charity Chapel Cemetery   Keatchie
Chreene Cemetery V Stanley, off Charlie Jones road, 3.4 mi. from Hwy 84, turn left at the sign.
Clark Cemetery   Private
Cole Cemetery (B)   Off Hwy 5 South of Longstreet, Funston Area
Community Cemetery (B) Cemetery V On Hwy 5 at the Logansport City Limit behind old church
Community Cemetery   Grand Cane
Confederate (CSA) Cemetery V* Hwy 172, Keatchie
Cook Cemetery   Grand Cane
Cool Spring Cemetery V On Hwy 764 north of Logansport
Creswell Cemetery   Mansfield
DeSoto Hill Cemetery * On Wimple Road in a wooded area.
Dill Cemetery * Twelve miles from Mansfield, past Carmel on the left. Bayou Lake Pierre
Ebenezer Cemetery * On Lula Road, off Hwy 84 west of Mansfield, Hunter Comm.
Episcopal Church Cemetery * Mansfield (?)
Evans Family Cemetery * Private. Dollette Hills.
Evergreen Cemetery * Holly
Evergreen Cemetery   Hwy 175 north of I-49, near Frierson
Fairtine Cemetery   Gloster
Flanagan Cemetery   Trenton
Fleniken Cemetery * On Oxford Road
Flores Cemetery   Mansfield
Flower Hill Cemetery   Keatchie
Fortson Cemetery * Naborton
Fortson Family Cemetery * Near the Fortson home on Bayou Pierre
Frazier Cemetery   Radio Road, west of Mansfield
Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery   Frierson
Friendship Cemetery   Grand Cane
Frierson Catholic Cemetery   Friendship Road, Frierson 71027
Fullilove Cemetery   Four Forks area (may be in Caddo Parish)
Gamble (aka, Schuler) Cemetery * North of Smyrna Community, Longstreet
Gatlin Cemetery   Keatchie
Gloster Cemetery * Gloster
Good Hope Cemetery   Frierson
Grand Cane Cemetery * Hwy 171, Grand Cane
Gravel Point Catholic Cemetery * Frierson
Grove Hill Cemetery * Mansfield
Guy Cemetery   Trenton
Haden Family Cemetery * Private, north of Hwy 84, about four miles from Mansfield.
Highland Cemetery * Old Jefferson Hwy (Gibbs St.) Mansfield
Hog Eye Cemetery (B) V* Galloway, Speights Rd, adjacent to Bell Bower Cem.
Hope Cemetery   Mansfield
Horn Cemetery   Off Cash-Blackmon Rd. on private property
Huel Jones Cemetery   238 Don Lane, Mansfield (l mile off US 84, on LA 522)
Johnson Cemetery   Logansport
Keatchie Cemetery * Keatchie-Keithville Rd., Keatchie
King Hill Cemetery   Pelican
Lafitte Cemetery   Stonewall
Lake Bethlehem Cemetery   Gloster
Lester Gibbs Family Cemetery   399 Speights Rd., Keatchie
Liberty Cemetery (B)   Keatchie
Longstreet Cemetery * Longstreet
Magnolia Cemetery   Hunter Community
Mansfield Cemetery * Van Buren at Mouton St., Mansfield,
Mares Cemetery V Logansport, believed to be on private land off Cash Blackman Rd., in the woods at the end of Peters road, rather inaccessible. The land owner says there is a cemetery there.
Marshall Chapel CME Cemetery (B?)   Stonewall
Mary Evergreen BC Cemetery (B?)   Grand Cane
Mary Springfield Cemetery (B?)   Benson
Matthews Family Cemetery * On Pleasant Hill Hwy.
Moore Chapel Cemetery   Mansfield
Morning Star BC Cemetery (B?)   Gloster
Moseley Family Cemetery * Private, 5 miles west of Keatchie at Fairview Plantation.
Moses Rose Grave V* Funston Community
Mt. Heights Cemetery   Mansfield
Mt. Moriah Cemetery (B)   Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, 3985 Hwy. 5, Kingston
Mt. Olivet Cemetery V* East of Logansport, 14320 Hwy 84, Stanley
Mt. Zion Cemetery   Longstreet/Logansport
Mt. Zion BC Cemetery   Kingston
New Bethany Cemetery   Mansfield area
New Bethlehem Cemetery   Gloster
New Friendship Cemetery   Clear Lake
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery   Cottonbelt Rd., Mansfield
New Rockdale Cemetery   Mansfield area
O. E. Price Cemetery V Logansport
Old Camp Ground Cemetery * Half mile north of Sabine/DeSoto Parish line on Hwy 175.
Old Chapel Cemetery   Mansfield
Old Cherene Cemetery * Near Logansport
Old Friendship Cemetery * South of Grand Cane
Old Hazelwood Cemetery *  
Old Home Cemetery   Galloway
Old Horn Cemetery * Cash-Blackmon Road, North of Logansport
Old Logansport Cemetery V* Logansport, LA, one block off Hwy 84 at the river
Old Mansfield Cemetery   Mansfield
Old Morning Glory Cemetery   Mansfield
Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery * Pleasant Hill
Old Salem Cemetery * East of Stonewall, north side of Frierson Hwy.
Old Union Cemetery * Lula Community, south of Mansfield, west of Hwy 171.
Old Zion Cemetery   Mansfield
Oxford Cemetery * May be at Oxford
Peaco Family Cemetery   Lake Road, Mansfield
Pelican Cemetery * Pelican
Phillip’s Chapel Cemetery * Near Benson,
Pinkston Cemetery   Located on private property
Pleasant Valley UMC Cemetery   Trenton
Pollard Cemetery * Lula/Hunter Comm.
Powell Cemetery * Stonewall
Providence Baptist Cemetery (B) V Beside Providence BC, Hwy 3276, Stonewall
Prude Cemetery * Seven miles from Mansfield, north of Hwy 84, to Blount Rd., then to Prude Cemetery Rd., Hunter
Prudhomme Cemetery   Frierson
Pyle Cemetery V Private, off Cash-Blackmon Rd., Galloway, beside Mitchell home, can be seen from road.
Rockdale Cemetery * Five miles east of Mansfield on Hwy 84.
Sebastian Cemetery   Converse, Sabine Parish
Shady Grove Cemetery   Hunter Community
Shaw Family Cemetery   1591 Sloan Road, Mansfield
Shaw Cemetery   Stonewall
Shiloh Cemetery   Mansfield
Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery V* Church Road, off Hwy 172, west of Keatchie, near the state line.
Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery V* Hwy 172, west of Keatchie, near the state line.
Sloan/Slone Cemetery * Holly, 8.5 miles NE of Mansfield
Smith Cemetery   North of Logansport
Smith Hill Cemetery   669 Jeff Alexander Rd., Logansport
Smyrna Cemetery * Near Grand Cane
Spanish Cemetery   Longstreet
Spring Hill BC Cemetery   Oxford
Spring Ridge Cemetery   Pleasant Hill
St. Ann’s Cemetery   2264 Hwy 171. Stonewall
St. Elizabeth Cemetery   Mansfield
St. Francois Cemetery   Frierson
St. Mark’s Cemetery   Holly
St. Mary’s Cemetery * Rambin Community, 15 miles SE of Mansfield off Hwy 175
St. Mary’s Cemetery   Evelyn (may be same as above)
St. Mary’s Cemetery   1009 Hwy 346, Pelican
St. Matthew Baptist Church Cemetery   Frierson Road, Stonewall
St. Matthew Cemetery   Pelican
St. Paul’s Cemetery   Pelican
Stephenson/Pegues Cemetery * Trenton, off Hwy 171 south of Mansfield
Stonewall Cemetery V* Hwy 3236, Stonewall
Summer Hill Cemetery   Pelican
Trinity Cemetery   Gloster
Truevine Cemetery   Bayou Pierre Lake
Union Cemetery   Longstreet
Union Springs Cemetery * On Hwy 174, just across DeSoto Line in Sabine Parish
Unknown Name Cemetery (B) V Adjacent to CSA Cemetery, Hwy 172, Keatchie
Vanzant Memorial Garden   163 V.P. Drive, Mansfield
Wallace Cemetery * Evelyn
Wallace Cemetery   Haire Loop at Reddix Rd., Pelican
Williams Cemetery   Mansfield
Williams Family Cemetery * Trenton, in wooded area, no road.
Woodside Cemetery * On Naborton Rd., near Mansfield
Woodvine Cemetery   Bayou Pierre Lake
Yealock Cemetery * Dollette Hills in wooded area about 16 miles from Mansfield.
Zion Hill Cemetery   Grand Cane
Zion Hill Church #2   Mansfield
Zion Rest Cemetery * One mile south of Wallace.