Palanco, Jesse 8-19-1938 Electrocuted Bexar Huntsville, TX 207 Murder  
 Palm, Harold 9-1-1946 Electrocuted Bexar Huntsville, TX 282 Rape  
 Palmer, Joe 5-10-1935 Electrocuted Grimes Huntsville, TX 146 Murder San Jose Historical Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas
 Paris, Alton 12-2-1952 Electrocuted Anderson Huntsville, TX 364 Murder  
 Parker, Jesse 2-12-1964 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 447 Rape  
 Paster, James 9-20-1989 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 752 Rape  
 Patterson, J. B. 3-14-1951 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 336 Murder  
 Patton, George 7-30-1937 Electrocuted Ellis Huntsville, TX 185 Murder  
 Pearson, Elijah 9-12-1947 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 294 Murder  
 Perry, Robert 2-25-1913 Lynched Harrison Karnach, TX n/a    
 Phillips, Clifford 12-15-1993 Lethal Injection Harris Hunrsville, TX 723 Robbery  
 Phillips, Sam 5-14-1926 Electrocuted Fort Bend Huntsville, TX 33 Murder  
 Philpot, Willie 7-15-1960 Electrocuted Gregg Huntsville, TX 420 Murder  
 Pickett, Ben 1-13-1951 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 330 Rape  
 Pierce, Timothy 8-30-1956 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 395 Rape  
 Pinkerton, Jay 5-15-1986 Lethal Injection Nueces Huntsville, TX 686 Rape  
 Porter, Henry 7-9-1985 Lethal Injection Tarrant Huntsville, TX 551 Murder  
 Preston, Major 8-8-1952 Electrocuted Trinity Huntsville, TX 362 Rape  
 Price, Thomas 2-1-1951 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 335 Murder  
 Pruitt, Elmer 5-30-1937 Electrocuted Henderson Huntsville, TX 178 Murder  
 Pruitt, William 6-6-1930 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 75 Murder  
 Pyles, Johnny 6-15-1998 Lethal Injection Dallas Huntsville, TX 724 Burglary  

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Home Page for executions after 1977.  
The Rope, The Chair, And The Needle by James W. Marquart, ©1994, University of Texas Press for those executions before 1977.
Without Sanctuary by James Allen and John Littlefield, © 2000, for early lynchings in Texas.