Mack, John 3-6-1958 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 406 Rape  
 Madden, Robert 5-28-1997 Lethal Injection Leon Huntsville, TX 822 Robbery  
 Madison, Bill 1-15-1886 Hanged Madison Madison Co., TX n/a Murder  
 Magnes, Tom fall of 1861 Lynched Hardin Old Hardin, TX n/a Robbery  
 Mann, Fletcher 6-1-1995 Lethal Injection Dallas Huntsville, TX 705 Rape  
 Manning, Robert 4-28-1940 Electrocuted Bexar Huntsville, TX 228 Murder  
 Maple, J. J. 11-28-1930 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 82 Murder  
 Marquez, Mario 1-17-1995 Lethal Injection Bexar Huntsville, TX 776 Rape  
 Martinez, Ascension 2-21-1941 Electrocuted Hidalgo Huntsville, TX 232 Murder  
 Martinez, Eusebio 8-27-1960 Electrocuted Midland Huntsville, TX 421 Murder  
 Mason, Thomas 6-12-2000 Lethal Injection Smith Huntsville, TX 999035 Multiple Murder  
 Massey, Jason 4-3-2001 Lethal Injection Ellis Huntsville, TX 999121 Multiple Murder  
 Matthews, Allen 9-5-1951 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 347 Rape  
 Matthews, Mack 2-8-1924 Electrocuted Tyler Huntsville, TX 1 Murder  
 Matura, Clemens 7-2-1937 Electrocuted Stonewall Huntsville, TX 182 Murder  
 May, Justin 5-7-1992 Lethal Injection Brazoria Huntsville, TX 783 Robbery  
 May, W. D. 9-6-1935 Electrocuted Tarrant Huntsville, TX 156 Murder  
 Mayes, Noble D. Jr. 4-6-1995 Lethal Injection Denton Huntsville, TX 674 Robbery  
 McBride, Michael 5-11-2000 Lethal Injection Lubbock Huntsville, TX 903 Multiple Murder  
 McCallister, James 6-5-1936 Electrocuted Hidalgo Huntsville, TX 170 Murder  
 McCane, Riley 8-20-1948 Electrocuted Jefferson Huntsville, TX 306 Murder  
 McCarty, Earnest 7-9-1937 Electrocuted Tarrant Huntsville, TX 181 Rape  
 McClendon, F. M. 8-14-1949 Electrocuted Lee Huntsville, TX 319 Murder  
 McCoy, Stephen 5-24-1989 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 769 Rape  
 McDuff, Kenneth Allen 11-17-1998 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 999055 Kidnapping  
 McFadden, Jerry 10-14-1999 Lethal Injection Bell Huntsville, TX 875 Rape  
 McFarland, Eugene 6-30-1950 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 332 Rape  
 McFarland, Frank 4-29-1998 Lethal Injection Tarrant Huntsville, TX 963 Rape  
 McGinn, Ricky 9-27-2000 Lethal Injection Brown Huntsville, TX 999150 Rape  
 McGinnis, Glen 1-25-2000 Lethal Injection Montgomery Huntsville, TX 999039 Robbery  
 McGowen, Yancy 4-24-1957 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 394 Murder  
 McHenry, John 1-3-1957 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 398 Rape  
 McIntyre, Bennie 1-20-1963 Electrocuted Lynn Huntsville, TX 441 Rape  
 McKee, Ira 1-8-1932 Electrocuted Dawson Huntsville, TX 96 Murder  
 McMurrin, Richard 1-8-1952 Electrocuted Galveston Huntsville, TX 348 Rape  
 Meanes, James 12-15-1998 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 689 Robbery  
 Merriman, Lee Roy 11-29-1929 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 71 Rape  
 Meyer, Henry 6-8-1955 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 384 Murder  
 Miles, James 4-23-1939 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 214 Rape  
 Miller, Garry 12-5-2000 Lethal Injection Jones Huntsville, TX 947 Kidnapping  
 Miller, G. R. 6-3-1910 Hanging Childress Donley Co., TX n/a Multiple-Murder Clarendon, Texas?
 Miller, Jim B. 4-19-1909 Lynched Pontotoc Ada, OK n/a Murder Fort Worth, Texas, Lynching photo
 Millikin, A. V. 11-5-1927 Electrocuted Caldwell Huntsville, TX 44 Murder  
 Milton, Charles 6-25-1985 Lethal Injection Tarrant Huntsville, TX 628 Robbery  
 Mitchell, Gerald  Lee 10-22-2001 Lethal Injection Nueces Huntsville, TX 838 Murder  
 Mitchell, Steve 9-25-1951 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 345 Murder  
 Monson, Henry 1-17-1913 Lynched Lamar Paris, TX n/a    
 Montoya, Irineo 6-18-1997 Lethal Injection Cameron Huntsville, TX 847 Robbery  
 Montoya, Ramon 3-25-1993 Lethal Injection Dallas Huntsville, TX 737 Policeman  
 Moody, John 1-5-1999 Lethal Injection Taylor Huntsville, TX 933 Robbery  
 Moon, Nearvel 4-28-1960 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 416 Murder  
 Moore, Clyde 5-8-1946 Electrocuted Henderson Huntsville, TX 278 Rape  
 Moore, John 6-1856 ? Orange Orange Co., TX n/a Counterfeiter  
 Moore, Michael 1-9-2002 Lethal Injection Coryell Huntsville, TX 999126 Burglary  
 Moore, Tommie 6-3-1938 Electrocuted Limestone Huntsville, TX 197 Murder  
 Moore, Wilson 2-1-1949 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 310 Rape  
 Moreland, James 1-27-2000 Lethal Injection Henderson Huntsville, TX 741 Robbery  
 Moreno, Eliseo 3-4-1987 Lethal Injection Fort Bend Huntsville, TX 759 Robbery  
 Morgan, Collin 8-19-1938 Electrocuted El Paso Huntsville, TX 205 Murder  
 Morin, Stephen 3-13-1985 Lethal Injection Jefferson Huntsville, TX 712 Kidnapping  
 Morris, Ewell 2-8-1924 Electrocuted Liberty Huntsville, TX 4 Murder  
 Morris, McKinley 5-16-1942 Electrocuted Wilson Huntsville, TX 243 Murder  
 Morrow, J. W. 2-9-1950 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 321 Murder  
 Moses, George 8-12-1960 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 414 Murder  
 Mosley, Walter 7-18-1962 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 437 Murder  
 Motley, Jeffery 2-7-1995 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 789 Robbery  
 Mott, Jesse 2-9-1934 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 128 Murder  
 Mouton, Abbie 12-8-1951 Electrocuted Jefferson Huntsville, TX 339 Murder  
 Muldrow, Theodia 2-21-1941 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 233 Rape  
 Muniz, Pedro 5-19-1998 Lethal Injection Williamson Huntsville, TX 575 Rape  
 Munoz, Nicando 10-30-1931 Electrocuted Hidalgo Huntsville, TX 86 Murder  
 Murphy, Florence 8-30-1940 Electrocuted Kaufman Huntsville, TX 231 Rape  
 Murray, Allen 12-31-1944 Electrocuted Denton Huntsville, TX 265 Rape  

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Home Page for executions after 1977.  
The Rope, The Chair, And The Needle by James W. Marquart, ©1994, University of Texas Press for those executions before 1977.
Without Sanctuary by James Allen and John Littlefield, © 2000, for early lynchings in Texas.