Lackey, Al 8-26-1885 Hanging Blanco N. of Blanco, TX n/a Multiple-Murder SE corner of the Robison (now Alvin Wegner) field, 0.5 mi. NW of Blanco.
 Lackey, Clarence 5-20-1997 Lethal Injection Tom Green Huntsville, TX 591 Rape  
 Lacume, Bernard 8-23-1935 Electrocuted Angelina Huntsville, TX 152 Murder  
 Lacy, Harry 12-19-1939 Electrocuted Montgomery Huntsville, TX 222 Murder  
 Lamb, John 11-17-1999 Lethal Injection Hunt Huntsville, TX 734 Robbery  
 Lamkin, Marshall 9-19-1958 Electrocuted Caldwell Huntsville, TX 402 Murder  
 Landry, Raymond Sr. 12-13-1988 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 738 Robbery  
 Lane, Harold 10-4-1995 Lethal Injection Dallas Huntsville, TX 745 Robbery  
 Lane, Leroy 1-25-1935 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 137 Murder  
 Lang, Edward 8-19-1916 Lynched Navarro Rice, TX n/a    
 Larkin, Thomas 2-21-1949 Electrocuted Harrison Huntsville, TX 312 Murder  
 Lavan, John 3-31-1963 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 444 Murder  
 Lawson, Earnest 3-28-1924 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 7 Murder  
 Lawton, Stacey 11-14-2000 Lethal Injection Smith Huntsville, TX 999066 Burglary  
 Layes, Paul 5-10-1938 Electrocuted Hays Hunstville, TX 194 Murder  
 Leahy, H. J. 9-2-1929 Electrocuted Williamson Huntsville, TX 62 Murder  
 Leath, Fred 11-9-1961 Electrocuted Tarrant Huntsville, TX 429 Murder  
 Lee, David 1-8-1914 Lynched Marion Jefferson, TX n/a    
 Lera, Leo 2-19-1943 Electrocuted Fort Bend Huntsville, TX 251 Murder  
 Lerma, Jeronimo  6-20-1916 Lynched Cameron Brownsville, TX n/a    
 Lewis, Elmer 2-25-1893 Lynched Wichita Wichita Falls, TX n/a    
 Lewis, Felix 6-21-1950 Electrocuted Live Oak Huntsville, TX 328 Rape  
 Lewis, George 4-26-1889 Lynched Belen, TX n/a    
 Leza, Joe 9-1-1946 Electrocuted Bexar Huntsville, TX 283 Murder  
 Lincecum, Kavin 12-10-1992 Lethal Injection Brazoria Huntsville, TX 832 Rape  
 Lindley, George 7-28-1889 Lynched Hunt Greenville, TX n/a    
 Little, William 6-1-1999 Lethal Injection Liberty Huntsville, TX 788 Rape  
 Livingston, Charlie 11-21-1997 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 802 Robbery  
 Lockhart, Michael 12-9-1997 Lethal Injection Bexar Huntsville, TX 917 Policeman  
 Long, David 12-8-1999 Lethal Injection Dallas Huntsville, TX 862 Robbery  
 Lopez, Estamistado 6-10-1932 Electrocuted Willacy Huntsville, TX 100 Murder  
 Lott, George 9-20-1994 Lethal Injection Potter Huntsville, TX 999058  
 Louti, Aua 11-4-1997 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 843 Robbery  
 Lozada, Davis 6-4-1997 Lethal Injection Cameron Huntsville, TX 798 Rape  
 Lucy (Slave woman) 3-5-1858 Hanged   Galveston Island      
 Lugo, Genaro 4-23-1939 Electrocuted San Patricio Huntsville, TX 213 Murder  
 Luton, Leo 2-20-1963 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 432 Murder  
 Lyons, Webster 4-28-1940 Electrocuted Bexar Huntsville, TX 227 Murder  

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Home Page for executions after 1977.  
The Rope, The Chair, And The Needle by James W. Marquart, ©1994, University of Texas Press for those executions before 1977.
Without Sanctuary by James Allen and John Littlefield, © 2000, for early lynchings in Texas.