Farmer, Jack 6-10-1953 Electrocuted Floyd Huntsville, TX 369 Murder  
 Farrar, Carrol 1-4-1956 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 388 Murder  
 Farris, Troy 1-13-1999 Lethal Injection Tarrant Huntsville, TX 831 Policeman  
 Faulder, Joseph 6-17-1999 Lethal Injection Gregg Huntsville, TX 580 Burglary  
 Fearance, John Jr. 6-20-1995 Lethal Injection Dallas Huntsville, TX 626 Rape  
 Felder, Jr., Sammie 12-15-1999 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 550 Burglary  
 Fisher, Willie 4-12-1928 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 50 Murder  
 Fite, Flandell 8-23-1956 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 393 Rape  
 Flores, Miguel 11-9-2000 Lethal Injection Collin Huntsville, TX 983 Kidnapping  
 Flours, Frank 2-2-1934 Electrocuted McLennan Huntsville, TX 125 Murder  
 Forbes, Henry 11-18-1840 Hanged   Galveston Island      
 Forgey, Charles 1-10-1962 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 431 Rape  
 Foster, Richard 5-24-2000 Lethal Injection Parker Huntsville, TX 815 Robbery  
 Foust, Aaron 4-28-1999 Lethal Injection Tarrant Huntsville, TX 999268    
 Francois cir. 1820 Hanged   Pelican Island      
 Franklin, Donald 11-3-1988 Lethal Injection Nueces Huntsville, TX 546 Rape  
 Franks, Burton 6-7-1940 Electrocuted Ellis Huntsville, TX 229 Murder  
 Fritts, Will 12-18-1931 Electrocuted Kent Huntsville, TX 94 Murder  
 Fuller, Aaron Lee 11-6-1997 Lethal Injection Dawson Huntsville, TX 964    
 Fuller, Tyrone 7-7-1999 Lethal Injection Lamar Huntsville, TX 934  

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Home Page for executions after 1977.  
The Rope, The Chair, And The Needle by James W. Marquart, ©1994, University of Texas Press for those executions before 1977.
Without Sanctuary by James Allen and John Littlefield, © 2000, for early lynchings in Texas.