Earhart, James 8-11-1999 Lethal Injection Lee Huntsville, TX 905 Kidnapping  
 Echols, James 5-7-1964 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 448 Rape  
 Edward, Albert 10-9-1951 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 346 Murder  
 Edwards, James 6-23-1961 Electrocuted Dallas Huntsville, TX 426 Rape  
 Edwards, Nathaniel 5-17-1950 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 326 Rape  
 Elliott, Jarvin 1-18-1946 Electrocuted Bowie Huntsville, TX 275 Murder  
 Ellis, Edward 3-3-1992 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 749 Burglary  
 Ellison, Wisie 6-4-1937 Electrocuted Caldwell Huntsville, TX 180 Murder  
 Ellisor, Merle 4-4-1957 Electrocuted Harris Huntsville, TX 389 Murder  
 Emery, Jeff 12-8-1998 Lethal Injection Brazos Huntsville, TX 830 Rape  
 Ervin, James 5-19-1939 Electrocuted Tarrant Huntsville, TX 217 Rape  
 Esquivel, Rudy 6-9-1986 Lethal Injection Harris Huntsville, TX 606 Policeman  
 Evans, Michael 12-4-1986 Lethal Injection Dallas Huntsville, TX 608 Robbery  

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Home Page for executions after 1977.  
The Rope, The Chair, And The Needle by James W. Marquart, ©1994, University of Texas Press for those executions before 1977.
Without Sanctuary by James Allen and John Littlefield, © 2000, for early lynchings in Texas.