History of Steele Branch Cemetery

as told to Kathryn Jordan

Oct 2007

I was looking at the information on this cemetery, and not much was there about the history of this awesome place.  So I thought I would share the story that was told to me by my grandmother, who was quite the story teller and who made sure tell the stories until I knew them by heart... Ok so here goes,

My grandmother stated  that generally the people in the area outside of Stockdale were buried, in an area somewhere on the other side of the creek that runs there, which is known as Steele Branch.  I am not sure if it was an area close to Caddo, an old community or a forgotten cemetery on someone's property.  But, there was a person who died and when they went  to the cemetery, they were unable to get there because, the creek was raging.  It was not safe.  So the people of the family as well as those who were doing the burying, all agreed to bury the person on the area that is now the Steele Branch Cemetery.  It is not used  much now days.  For the most part people are buried in the Stockdale Cemetery in town. 
I myself, have many a relative that is buried in the cemetery.  Which, I actually grew up only  4 miles away.  It is an awesome place set quietly back off the road.  If you keep going instead of turning into the cemetery you will go onto private property.  I know that the stories of our family if not told, are forgotten and I do not want this one forgotten.
I hope you find this as interesting as I did as a child growing up at my grandmother's knee listening to all of her stories of the history and culture of our town. 
Thank you for your time