Rector Chapel Cemetery

Wilson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Transcribed by Shirley Grammer

 Historical Marker

Claiborne Rector (1805-1873) settled the community of Post Oak (known today as La Vernia) sometime before 1850.  William Robert Wiseman (1816-1888) settled in the area ca. 1851.  They were both staunch Presbyterians and immediately became friends.  By 1852, they had constituted the Cibolo Presbyterian Church with six members.  The church had no regular meeting place of its own for several years, but in 1876 a frame building was erected on the William Robert Wiseman Farm approximately two miles east of La Vernia near the mouth of Elm Creek.  

In honor of Claiborne Rector, who died three years earlier, the name changed to Rector Chapel Presbyterian Church.  A cemetery was established in 1878 with the burial of James Connelly Duncan, Jr.  The cemetery was called the Rector Chapel Cemetery.   In 1891, the church building was moved to downtown La Vernia on Chihuahua Street and services continued for many years.  Burials continued  at the Rector Chapel Cemetery until 1920 with one final burial in 1949.  William Robert Wiseman erected a four foot concrete enclosure around the Wiseman Family Plot which consist of 12 graves.  The other 17 graves are outside the wall.  William R. Wiseman specified that his grave was to be near the center of the east wall and his feet were to be placed toward the church and his head toward the wall.  This unusual request was made so that when he arose on Resurrection Morning he would be facing the church he helped to build and the old log house which he had built and lived in all his life. Isabella E. Wiseman (1822-1911), wife of W.R. Wiseman, is buried adjacent to her husband.     The Wiseman Farm is now owned by William M. Wiseman, III, (great grandson of William R. Wiseman) and wife, Mary Wiseman.  

The cemetery is located 1.7 miles from downtown La Vernia.  From the intersection of Chihuahua Street in downtown La Vernia and FM 775, go north one mile to the intersection of FM 2772 - bear right and go 7 tenths of one mile and the cemetery is located on the right side of the road.




 Allen, Mrs. B. M.                                02/17/1844    03/08/1896

 Allen, Charles Edward                                 1874             1949

 Allen, Kathleen                                  04/18/1877   12/08/1903    25 yrs., 7 mo., 28 da.

 Bowden, Eliza Armstrong              06/26/1835   01/28/1906    born Pender Co., N.C.

 Bowden, Halstead Ash                    03/22/1848   12/15/1886   born Pender Co., N.C.

 Bowden, Richard Tate                     07/29/1830   02/22/1904   born Pender Co., N.C.

 Crews, William Littleberry               09/12/1856   06/12/1881

 Cromer, Linda Cathreen                  02/00/1845   08/18/1882   w/o T.L.

 Duncan, James Connelly, Jr.        11/30/1877   01/01/1878

Duncan, Martha Eleanor Yantis     ca 1834          12/27/1900   w/o James Connelly Duncan, Sr

Duncan, Yantis                                   02/27/1868    05/29/1889

 Miller, Robert Wallace                      04/14/1898   12/26/1899    s/o H.L. &  S.L.

Murray, Owen                                     11/26/1810   10/04/1886

 Murray, Sarah M.                               01/25/1804    04/26/1887

Sharples, Robert L.                           12/05/1798   02/05/1880

 Yantis, Eli S.                                        08/24/1873   11/12/1891   s/o Susan & R.F.

Yantis, Susan E.                                             1831   11/03/1878   Age 47, w/o R.F.

 Yantis, R.F.                                          05/28/1828   06/16/1912   h/o Susan     

 Wiseman, Allie Mae Houston          10/16/1880   11/19/1905   w/o J. V.

 Wiseman, Coleman Blain                 unknown   12/08/1920

 Wiseman, Frances Lou                     04/27/1846   04/05/1893  (1st) w/o Hugh

 Wiseman, Hugh W.                             08/01/1845   07/02/1910

 Wiseman, Infant                                  07/12/1878   07/12/1878  s/o John E. & Sue

 Wiseman, Isabella E.                          12/23/1822  11/28/1911   w/o W.R.

 Wiseman, James Howard                  07/04/1883  10/271884    s/o Hugh & Frances

 Wiseman, James Oliver                     05/07/1843  03/16/1872

 Wiseman, Lizzie Lee                          10/13/1902  03/25/1904   d/o W.M. & M.L. Wiseman

 Wiseman, Mary E.                                05/11/1881  06/10/1881   d/o John E. & Sue

 Wiseman, Sallie                                   09/07/1872  07/22/1895   d/o Hugh & Fran.                       

Wiseman, William Robert                    02/22/1816  01/10/1888