The Flagpole was donated by John Grammer of LaVernia.  Assisting John (middle) with the erection of the pole are Edward Uhlig (left) and Nick Uhlig (right) of Sutherland Springs. The flags were donated by Mary Featherston of Waco and Glenna Hamley of Georgetown, great granddaughters of Joseph and Mary Polley.  The Texas flag few over the Alamo on the evening of May 01 2004

Polley Cemetery is located on FM 539 in Wilson Co. TX  

Compiled by Shirley Grammer & Janice Frost

Wilson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Located 3.1 miles north of the Junction of US Highway 87 and Sutherland Springs, Texas on FM 539

The Polley Cemetery, located in Wilson County, Texas on FM 539 approximately 3.1 miles north of Sutherland Springs, was established December 21, 1848 with the death of Emeline Elizabeth Polley James, wife of John James (1819–1877) and daughter of Joseph Henry Polley (1795–1869) and Mary Augusta Bailey Polley (1809–1888). Emeline married John James of San Antonio, Texas on August 17, 1847. She died during childbirth and was buried near the present day "Polley Mansion" also known as "Whitehall". John and Emeline’s baby girl, also named Emeline Elizabeth, died in 1850 and was interred adjacent to her mother.

Joseph Henry Polley was one of the first 22 immigrants of the original Austin’s "Old 300" colonist, arriving with Stephen F. Austin at San Felipe de Austin in 1821. He married Mary Bailey, daughter of the well know "Brit" Bailey for whom "Bailey’s Prairie" of Brazoria County is named. They built a home near Bell’s Landing. After leaving Brazoria County, the Polley Family settled on the east side of Cibolo Creek in Guadalupe (present day Wilson) County in 1847 near Sutherland Springs, Texas. Joseph Polley began construction of his stone (two-story) mansion ca. 1848 and spent the next four years building "Whitehall" named for Mr. Polley’s hometown of Whitehall, New York. Many prominent individuals were entertained in this home as well as citizens of the local community. The home was one of the finest ante-bellum homes in South Texas and still stands today. Joseph Polley became wealthy in land and cattle and it is said he owned as many as 150,000 head of cattle prior to the Civil War.

Joseph and Mary Polley had eleven children: Mary Augusta Polley Baylor (1827-1915) buried in the Sutherland Springs Cemetery; James Bailey Polley (1829-1834) buried in Brazoria County; Emeline Elizabeth Polley James (1831-1848), buried in the Polley Cemetery; Susan Rebecca Polley Henderson Brooks (1835-1906) buried in the Sutherland Springs Cemetery; Sarah Adel Polley (1837-1869) buried in the Polley Cemetery; Catherine Sayre Polley (1839-1919) buried in Travis County; Joseph Benjamin Polley (1840-1918) buried in the Floresville City Cemetery; Harriet Roxanna Polley Houston (1842-1925) buried in Salem Sayers Cemetery, Bexar Co.; Abner Hubbard "Hub" Polley (1845-1932) buried in Mission Burial Park South, San Antonio, Texas; Jonathan James Polley (1848-1925) buried in the Sutherland Springs Cemetery and Walter Webster Polley (1851-1928) buried in the Floresville City Cemetery.

Joseph and Mary rest peacefully in the little Polley Cemetery, maintained by funds provided by the Polley Association. Affixed to their double granite head stone are three impressive medallions; "Citizen of the Republic of Texas", "Austin’s Old 300" and "War of 1812". At the foot of Joseph’s grave is a Veterans’ stone with the words; "Teamster Capt. Brown’s Co. War of 1812".

The Cemetery was designated as a Texas State Historic Cemetery in 2005 and a marker erected in May 2006. Polley descendants from across the U.S. attended the dedication.





Other Information

Brooks, Susan Fletcher



Dau. of J.D. & Susan Rebecca Polley Henderson Brooks; died 1 year, 8 months, 25 days

Henderson, Mary Bailey



Dau. of Connally F. & Susan Rebecca Polley Henderson; age 4 

Houston, Edith



Dau. of Dr. David and Harriet Roxanna Polley Houston

Houston, George Smith



Son  of Dr. David and Harriet Roxanna Polley Houston

James, Emeline Elizabeth Polley



 Dau. of Joseph H. & Mary Bailey Polley; wife of John James; aged 17 years, 7 mo. & 21 days

James, Emeline Elizabeth



Dau. of John and Emeline Elizabeth Polley James

Paine, Joseph Polley 7/25/1912 08/05/1998 Polley Reunion heldon May 3 2008 and the family interred the ashes of Mr. Paine.   Artist, Professor, Historian & WWII Vet

Polley, Joseph Henry II



Son of Joseph Egbert Polley II and Julietta Grayson Polley

Polley, Joseph Henry



Son of Jonathan & Rachel Hubbard Polley

Polley, Mary Augusta Bailey



Dau.of Brit Bailey & Edith Smith Bailey; wife of Joseph H. Polley

Polley, Sarah Adel



Dau. of Joseph H. and Mary Bailey Polley