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Round Rock Cemetery  

Round Rock,  Williamson Co. Cemeteries of Tx

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Location:  W. Sam Bass Road, Round Rock  

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Established in the early 1850s in what is now known as Old Round Rock, this cemetery is the burial ground of many area pioneers and outstanding Round Rock citizens. The oldest legible tombstone, which marks the burial site of 11-year-old Angeline Scott, bears the year 1851, although there are many unmarked graves that could date from before that time. One-half acre in the northwest part of the 4.5-acre cemetery was used as a burial ground for slaves and freedmen during the nineteenth century. Numerous war veterans are buried here, as is bank robber and outlaw Sam Bass, who died July 21, 1878, two days after being shot by Texas Rangers in Round Rock. Other buried in the cemetery include G. T. Cole, one of the few area eye doctors; Round Rock broom factory owner Sam Landrum; stonemason John H. Gray; Round Rock Presbyterian Church minister John Hudson; and Methodist circuit rider J. W. Ledbetter. One unusual tombstone, which marks the gravesite of Mary Ann Lavender, bears the date February 30, 1870. The Round Rock Cemetery, which contains more than 2,000 graves, is a visible reminder of the early history of this part of Williamson County. The burial ground is cared for by the Round Rock Cemetery Association.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Aten Margaret Quinn Oct 26 1797 Oct 08 1891 b: Georgia
Bass Samuel Jul 21 1851 Jul 23 1928 Age 27 years, " A Brave Man reposes in death here, why was he not true?"
Barnes Seaborn 1849 Jul 19 1878 "Seab or Nubbins Colt"
Bray Mary C. Apr 09 1852 Sep 22 1887 w/o L.W. Bray
Grimes A. W. - Jul 19 1878 Williamson Co. Deputy Sheriff and former Texas Ranger
Sutton John W. Sep 30 1853 Jan 27 1885 -
Wood Mary A. Mar 23 1830 Apr 19 1892 w/o Thomas Wood