Harrison Cemetery

 Williamson Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Photos and submitted by Holly Williams (12-2008)


This cemetery is located just West of Schwertner, TX, beyond a construction site for a Waste Treatment Plant, off of Highway 487. It is not marked in any way. Currently the way to get to the cemetery is to head into the construction site and drive all the way back to the back where there is a fence. Beyond the fence is a dry creek bed. Follow the creek bed around to the right (between two creek beds) and the cemetery will be on your right. It’s probably less than a half a mile from where I entered the pasture from the construction site.

The land where the water treatment construction is ongoing is owned by the Schwertner family. The land where the cemetery is not owned by the Swertner family and I didn’t discover who owned it during my visit.

The cemetery consists of perhaps 25-40 headstones for people who died in the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. Many of the headstones aren’t legible and some are face down, obscuring the inscription. This is a partial listing of the legible headstones. Although there was no marker, I believe it is Harrison Cemetery because many of those buried there were Harrisons—along with several Andersons, as well.

1. Son  Harrison born and died November 18, 1903

2. Daughter Harrison born and died December 22, 1908

3. Amy, daughter of T.H. and J. Corley, died Jan 21, 1889, six years old

4, N.E. Belk, born Jan 3, 1862, died Oct 22, 1886

6, Jane Anderson, born Aug 8, 1810 or 1819 (broken headstone) died in 1863

7. In Memory of Jonathan Harrison, born June 16, 1836, died Feb 26, 1866

8. In Memory of Bethany Bouchelle, born 11th day Dec 1862, died 23rd day of December 1867

9. In Memory of J. Anderson, born Oct 13th 1882, died September 3, 1866

10. Annie Irene, daughter of W.H. and E.I. Kelso born March 9, 1887, died May 6, 1887

11. Mary Virginia, daughter of W.W. and Alice Morriss, born Jan 1, 1880, died 1883

12. Oscar G. son of W.H. & R.J. Cameron, born June 4, 1884, died June or January 10, 1891

13. Myrtle, daughter of J.R. and M.W. Walden, born April 27, 1894, died May 17, 1894

14. R.M. Darlton, born 1855, died in 1900

15. Mary Ann, wife of J.W. Bowen, born May 14, 1842, died December 9, 1910