Jolly Cemetery

Jollyville, Williamson County, Texas

Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator:  Brenda E. Wiggins


Information provided by the State of Texas Atlas Site


Location:  8600 Spicewood Springs Road, Jollyville.



This pioneer burial ground is a reminder of the area's earliest settlers. It was formally set aside by John Grey Jolly (1825-99) and his wife, Nancy Isabel (Eskew) (1825-1921) -- both buried here -- for whom Jollyville community was named. The earliest marked grave is that of Margaret Evergreen Robinson, who died in 1872. Others buried here include five citizens of the Republic of Texas -- members of the Thomas V. S. Strode family, who settled in this area of the state in 1841. The last burial in the Jolly Cemetery, that of Texas Confederate veteran Charlie Strode, took place in 1929.