WILLACY COUNTY, Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Cindy Shaffer


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NOTE: In the Roads of Texas map book, Chavez No. 1 is shown with no name and Chavez No. 2 is marked with the name Chavez. When actually visiting these cemeteries, we found that these two cemeteries are located only a mile or two apart, in different directions off the same County Road 105 and that what we are calling Chavez Cemetery #1 is marked with a sign with the name, while Chavez Cemetery #2 is not.

DIRECTIONS: From Raymondville, Texas, traveling south on Hwy. 77, just south of Raymondville take County Road 490 west. Continue on CR 490 past CR 1425 (4 way intersection and blinking yellow light) approximately 1.5 miles from the 490/1425 intersections. The County Roads going north-south off of CR 490 are mostly marked, and most are caliche roads (NOT paved – we would have thought they were roads for access to farmland and not county roads if they hadn’t been marked!). The road to turn south on to reach Chavez Cemetery #1 is not marked with a CR sign (we have guessed by the other CR signs that this should be CR 105), but is marked with a small sign with green printing "Chavez Cemetery." Turn south on this road and travel approximately 1.1 mile and the cemetery will be on the east side. This cemetery is fenced and appears well kept and is still in use. All of the country surrounding this cemetery is farmland, and there was a big sugar cane field on the west side of the road when we were there in June 2001.

While we were unable to transcribe Chavez Cemetery #2 at the time of our visit, the location for it is to turn north off of CR 490 (instead of south to Chavez #1 – CR 105?) and travel approximately ˝ mile. Chavez #2 is located on the east side of (CR 105?) as well, set back off of the road in a stand of trees. It is in the middle of farm land (when we visited, the crops surrounding the cemetery were planted in sorghum and sugar cane).

Transcribing in rows, north to south, beginning with the graves immediately inside the gate

Section Last Name First Name Birth Deayth Comments
Row 1, Grave 1 CHAVEZ GUADALUPE C. April 23, 1888 April 7, 1978  
Row 1 Grave 2 CHAVEZ JOSE MARIA , SR. Sept. 12, 1887 April 6 1980  
Row 2, Grave 1 CHAVEZ Jessie Jan. 31, 1965   (back of stone) With Great Appreciation for All the Love and Affection Offered by a Loving Human Husband Jessie
Row 2, Grave 1 CHAVEZ MARIA NOELLA (PINKY) Jan. 18, 1959 Jan. 18, 1959 (on the same stone, beside Jessie)
Row 2, Grave 2 CHAVEZ DANIEL (no dates)   (wooden cross)
Row 2, Grave 3 COLUNGA GEORGE A. June 1, 1988 July 16, 1988  
Row 2, Grave 4 CHAVEZ N. R. JR, Dec. 8, 1962 Mar. 19, 1966 (shared stone w/)
Row 2, Grave 4 CHAVEZ BABIES July 31, 1960 July 31, 1960 (there was a slab covering these two plots, with many childrens' toys on top)
Row 2 Grave 5 CHAVEZ JOSE NOEL (no dates)   (wooden cross)
Row 2 Grave 6 HAVEZ DOMINGA Feb. 17, 1957 Feb. 17, 1957 Recuerdo De Su Familia
Row 2 Grave 7 CHAVEZ ARMANDO ANDRIAN Nacio Abr 18 1951 Fallecio June 26 1957 Unrecuerdo De Sus Padre Sy Mermanos (? Difficult to decipher)
Row 2 Grave 8 CHAVEZ MARIA ALBERRO Feb. 5, 1988 Feb. 5, 1988 (wooden cross, badly deteriorating)
Row 2 Grave 9 CHAVEZ CELIA GARCIA Mar. 23, 1928 July 29, 1981  
Row 3 Grave 1 GARCIA ZELDA Sept\. 2, 1966 Aug. 6, 1995 In Loving Memory  Un Recuerdo De Sus Hijos
Row 3 Grave 2 MARROQUIN DANIEL Sept. 11, 1937   Un Recuerdo De Su Madre Y Hermanos
Row 3 Grave 3 & 4 MARROQUIN AURELIO 8-14-1907 3-17-1954 (double marker)
Row 3 Grave 3 & 4 MARROQUIN MARIA PILAR 2-22-1915    
Row 3 Grave 5 CHAVEZ LEONARDO C. Junio 30, 1911 July 20, 1984 Un Recuerdo De Sus Hyos Y Hijas
Row 3 Grave 6 CHAVEZ ESTEFANA D. Marzo 20, 1913 Marzo 16, 1987 Un Recuerdo De Sus Hijos Y Hijas
Row 3 Grave 7 RENAUD JOSE LUIS June 14, 1962 Sept.24, 1987 (wooden cross w/brass plate and concrete cross)