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McGuire Cemetery
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Submitted By Peggy Goodwin  

From Huntsville, Tx., take Hwy. 19 north to Harmon Creek turn left on Percy Howard Rd., at the first curve there is a lane to the left, located on private property. This cemetery is closed to future burials. Phillip and Kathleen Fitter, association members and contributors of information, along with numerous other McGuire relatives, found and restored this abandoned cemetery. For more information on this cemetery contact: Peggy Goodwin, c/o McGuire Cemetery Association, P. O. Box 4, Lovelady, Tx., 75851, <>

Name			birth date	death date	Other 
Baisdon, Emily C.	12-04-1850	01-17-1935	w/o  George Riley Baisdon "Come Ye Blessed" (Mother of Etta Chestena Baisdon McGuire)
Baisdon, George Riley	03-04-1842	07-21-1900	h/o Emily C. "In my Father’s house are many mansions." "Thy virtue and thy worth shall fond remembrance cheer and ease the aching heart that drops the falling tear."
Barker, Alitia A.	1816-1818?	      1899	w/o William Barker (no marker but known to be buried here)
Barker, Charles H.	      1856	12-05-1873	s/o  Wm. & Alitia "Charles sleeps sweetly here"
Barker, John H.		02-14-1866	05-14-1866	s/o   Wm. & Alitia "Born in Walker Co., Tx."
Barker, William		      1808	10-21-1865	h/o   Alitia (Humble?) "Born in Walker Co., Tx. A Veteran of the Mexican War" "Blest are the pure in heart for they shall see God." (SOLDIER OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS) (Wm.’s wife filed for a Republic of Tx. claim under her husband’s name.)
Barker, William N.	12-25-1861	01-12-1868	s/o  W. N. & S.E. "Born in Walker Co., Tx."
Holman, Little Maggie	         ?	07-04-1887     	"Died July 4, 1887"
Johnson, Clara C.	12-29-1891	04-02-1954	w/o Elisha A. Johnson (Previous marriage? Webb)
Johnson, Elisha A.	08-30-1888	10-22-1958	h/o  Clara C. " Marker missing buried next to Clara C."
McGilberry, Dannie	08-28-1883	09-14-1889	s/o   Daniel Spence & Mary D.  "The soul is safe in heaven" McGuire McGilberry
McGilberry, Mary D.	01-22-1851	09-13-1883	w/o  Daniel Spence McGilberry (Daughter of Thomas M. and Elizabeth McGuire)
McGuire, Beverly B.	03-05-1843	12-25-1867	s/o Thomas M. & Elizabeth (CSA: 13th Tx. Volunteers, Co. I ) (CSA: 35th Tx. Cavalry, Co. K, Brown’s Reg.)
McGuire, Elizabeth	05-06-1810	08-01-1865	w/o Thomas M. McGuire (Daughter of John and Rebecca Skelton)
McGuire, Frances A.	01-22-1862	08-08-1899	d/o Seaborn & Margaret McGuire	
McGuire, Ida		03-11-1870	05-08-1878	d/o Seaborn & Margaret McGuire "A precious one from us has gone"
McGuire, John B.	01-16-1865	08-31-1868	s/o Seaborn & Margaret McGuire	
McGuire, Lelan C.	04-14-1896	02-14-1900	d/o Joseph J. & E. R. McGuire (Grand-daughter of Seaborn McGuire)
McGuire, Lola D.	04-06-1867	01-08-1873	d/o Pleasant H. & Amanda 	
McGuire, Seaborn	12-28-1828	10-04-1889	h/o Margaret McGuire (s/o Thomas M. McGuire) CSA: 35th Tx. Cavalry, Co. K, Pvt., Brown’s Reg.
McGuire, Thomas M.   	03-27-1806	06-10-1881	h/o Elizabeth Skelton McGuire "In memory of" "Born in Ga. Died in Tx." CSA: 35th Tx. Cavalry, Co. K, Brown’s Reg. (Mason in Masonic Lodge #19 GLTR 1861) (He was a justice of peace in Elbert and Cobb Co. Ga. In 1850, he was in Cobb Co., Ga., and farmed  1,200 acres of land there. He went to Tx. in the 1850’s and settled in Walker Co., Tx. In 1858, he purchased 304 acres of land on Harmon Creek just north of Huntsville, Tx. and lived there until his death in 1881.)
Sparks, Lillian B.	10-20-1879	03-18-1900	w/o D. A. Sparks d/o  George R. & Emily Baisdon" "Peaceful by thy silent slumber" "Thou no more will join our home"
Webb, Leo Elmont	09-07-1919	05-02-1943	"None knew thee but to love thee" (Buried next to Clara Webb Johnson)
Wheat, Steven B.	08-00-1966	07-11-1987    	(Indigent resident of Good Shepherd Mission in Huntsville, Tx. First buried in the Dean Cemetery and moved to the McGuire Cemetery by order of Walker Co. Judge Frank Robinson.