Evergreen Cemetery (P)

1800 N. Vine and Red River Streets

Victoria, Victoria Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Santos V Canales

Pictures of the Martin De Leon family plot taken Jan 22, 1994
by Santos V Canales (Apologies for the errors in photo taking.)
Picture of Martin De Leon Family Plot
 (enclosed in black ironwork fence)
Don Martin De Leon
 (Texas Historical Marker)
 Founder of Victoria - Empresario of Colonial Grant from Mexico in 1824 - Spanish Cavalier, Indian Fighter - First Cattle Baron of Texas - Born in Burgos, Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1765 - Died in Victoria in 1833
Erected by the State of Texas
Pioneer Colony Co-Founder and Texas Patriot
(1775 - 1849)
Came from Tamaulipas to Texas (then northernmost province of Mexico) about 1800, to be at the side of her husband, Don Martin De Leon, as he sought to obtain a Spanish Grant to establish a civilized colony here. With her family of ten children. She was a patriot, loyal to the cause of Texas. Her home was a center of pioneer culture. Homesite was later given to St. Mary’s Church.
Recorded - 1972
Pioneer Colony Developer and Texas Patriot
( 1798 -1 853)
Eldest son of the Empresario Martin De Leon. Came with parents from interior of Mexico to Texas, the northernmost province, about 1800. Worked with his father in founding De Leon Colony and city of Victoria in 1820s. He was a commissioner of the colony and an Indian fighter. Loyal to cause of Texas freedom from Mexico. He was imprisoned by the Mexicans in Texas War for Indepence.
A Cattleman and horseman. He owned famous “Escondido” Ranch.
Recorded - 1972
Pioneer Colony Developer and Texas Patriot
(1802 - 1842)
Son of Martin De Leon - Active in the Catholic Church. Served as alcalde of Victoria and other commissions. Indian fighter and soldier - Taken prisoner by Mexican Army during Texas War for Independence. He owned and traded in vast herds of horses, mules, and cattle. He married Rosalia De La Garza - He had two sons: Martin and Francisco.
Recorded - 1972
Pioneer Colony Developer and Texas Patriot
(1806 - 1850)
Born in Texas - Third son of Martin De Leon. He was held hostage on a pirate ship abt. 1822, to force his father to comply with Buccaneer demands. Later he became active in colony affairs. A skilled Indian fighter. He served the Texas cause in War for Independence. His business was supplying horses, mules, and cattle to the New Orleans Market.
Recorded - 1972
Pioneer Colony Developer and Texas Patriot
(1808 - 1836)
Born in Texas - fourth son of Don Martin De Leon - Texas Patriot for War of Independence from Mexico. Indian fighter - engaged in cattle, horses, mule business. He was assassinated by Mabry (“Mustang”) Gray, leader of a gang systemically robbing Texans of Mexican descent, after the close of the War for Independence.
Recorded - 1972