Lucille Bowen Obit

Van Zandt  Co TX 

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

Rains County Leader

Rains County Leader
Sept 3, 1926   
In Memory of Lucille Bowen
A gloom of sadness was spread over our little community last Sunday, August 22nd, when the angel of death entered the home of Mr. W.R. Bowen and claimed one of his rarest treasures - his little daughter, Lucille.
She had been ill about 5 weeks, her little body held fast in the clutches of that terrible disease, Typhoid Fever.  She was watched over with loving care by her loved ones, but all their care and all the medical aid used was in vain, for she gently passed on to "the other shore" to be with her mother, who was waiting for her there.  She was carried away in the tender years of her life as she was only 13 years of age.  She was a sweet child, always cheerful and kind, with a smile and tender word for all those with whom she met.  She will be sadly missed in school and by her classmates.  No more will we see her bright little face in our schoolroom and no more will her cheery "good morning" fall upon our ears.  But more sadly still will she be missed by her loved ones as her happy little figure has ceased to flit - like a ray of sunshine throughout the home and into the hearts of those who loved her.
She leaves her father, 4 brothers and 1 sister to mourn her early departure, but do not weep dear ones, Lucille is waiting for you to join her "over there" where parting will come no more.  She was laid to rest in the Ellis Chapel cemetery in Van Zandt county, with Rev. Joe Vines holding the funeral services.  Her many firends join in extending sympathy to her bereaved loved ones.
One who knew and loved her - Eugenia Vaughan