Colfax Cemetery Partial

Historical Marker Photo by

Van Zandt Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted and photos by Wanda Westfall

Colfax Cemetery is located in Colfax, TX on FM 16 east of Canton, TX and west of Van, TX.

Davis, Daniel Carlton    U.S. Army  May 14, 1927 - Feb 18, 1986  Marker in excellent condition but is sinking. Has small cross at bottom of marker. Military issued.
Davis, David L. 1894 - 1970          Headstone is a flat  Double Marker and is sinking into
Davis, Minnie M   1896 - 1972      the ground. Davis on top of front .Excellent condition
Huff, Cecil July 28, 1915 - Apr 28, 1969            Headstone is upright double with Huff on 2nd photo
Huff, Loreain Sept 14, 1919 - Dec 21, 1986           top of front . Excellent condition but is  sinking into ground  2nd Photo