Tarrant Co, Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Margaret R. Bates  Apr 2001

The Power Cemetery is located near Mansfield, 50 yards from Stephenson-Levy Road north of FM 1187.  It is approximately 50 x 50 feet and cannot be seen from the road due to the thick brush surrounding the site.  It is completely enclosed by
a five-foot cyclone fence erected many years ago by Mr. Jack Beaty of Dallas,
the great-grandson of Isaac and Mary Power.

Isaac and Mary Jane Power were early Texas pioneers who settled in Tarrant
County and are buried in Power Cemetery.  Isaac died in 1866 and he was the
first known burial in the family cemetery.  Mary Jane died in 1925 at the age of
115 and was the last person buried in the family cemetery.  According to
newspapers of the day, she was the oldest woman in Texas at the time of her
death.  She died in the cabin high on the prairie that had been her only home
for 58 years.  She was placed in a simple wooden box and carried to the family
cemetery in a wagon.  There she was laid to rest with other family members.

Power Cemetery contains the graves of members of the Power, Grimsley, Graham,
Beaty, and Roberts families --all descendants of Isaac and Mary Jane Power.  Six
of the graves are of infants and children, a grim reminder of the painful risks
associated with the birth and care of children in the days before modern
medicine.  The cemetery is a monument to the courage and determination of the
pioneers who brought civilization to the wilderness of early Tarrant County,

BEATY, Bud - No Dates
GRAHAM, Infant of Henry - No Dates
GRAHAM, Infant of Henry - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Ben - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Child of Ben - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Child of Ben - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Child of Ben - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Child of Ben - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Dock - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Jim - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Lucy - No Dates
GRIMSLEY, Melvin - No Dates
POWERS, Charlie - No Dates
POWERS, Mary Jane  - Luddy/Ludie - b. 1810 d. 1925?
ROBERTS, Seab - No Dates