Isham Cemetery

Tarrant Co, Cemeteries of TX

HM photo submitted by Linda Bowden

Isham Cemetery
The Rev. W. Marion Isham (1831-1904) and his Family came to Tarrant County 
from Georgia about 1870. Soon after arriving in the Area Isham donated a 
one-Acre plot of land to be used for a community cemetery. The oldest 
remaining Legible Grave Marker here is that of N.L. Sweet (1824-1870). 
Although earlier burials are documented by Plain sandstone Markers. Approximately five acres were added to the Graveyard in 1941. Still in Operation as a community burial Ground. The Historic Graveyard is Maintained by the Isham Cemetery Association.1836-1036

Sometimes called Isham's Chapel Cemetery, located at 7100 block John T. White Road, east of Ft. Worth. Also known on some maps as White Cemetery. Named for Rev. Wm. Marion Isham (Sept. 4,1831-June 15, 1924), who helped establish a Methodist Church north of the Trinity in that community. Contains several hundred graves and is maintained by an active cemetery association. Earliest marked grave is that of N.L. Sweet (1824-18790)

Note:  My great grandmother, Lela Ida Perry Reeves'  had a sister, Margaret Ann Perry.  Margaret married Thomas Franklin Isham, son of Rev. Marion Isham who founded Isham Chapel.  Laura Perkins( LP)(Photos)

Bowden Russell L. Aug 03 1924 Dec 26 1957 Rest  in Peace (LB)
Hodges Evelyna Reeves 1930 Dec 11 2001 w/o Kenneth J. Hodges M:1950 (LB)
Morgan Betty Gertrude Reeves Mar 05 1926 Mar 03 1981 sis/o Peggy Marie Reeves (LP)
Morgan Thelby M. Nov 10 1924 Jan 21 1996 h/o Betty Gertrude Reeves   WWII  (LP)
Mouser John M. Feb 17 1886 Jan 04 1970 Rest  in Peace(LB)
Mouser Mary Lee July 30 1889 Jun 10 1952 Rest  in Peace(LB)
Reeves India L. Stewart Sep 30 1896 (Sep 15 1974) w/o Turner P. Reeves (LP)
Reeves Jesse K.(enneth)"Bud" Oct 08 1924 Jun 17 1986 WWII s/o Sama Reeves (LP)
Reeves Peggy Marie Reeves Jan 12 1938 Apr 22 1992 sis/o Gertrude Morgan(LP)
Reeves Sama Agnes White Apr 10 1895 Mar 25 1984 m/o Peggy, Gertrude (LP)
Reeves Turner Perry "Pete" Jan 10 1890 1941 s/o Jesse David & Lela Ida Perry Reeves (LP)
Reves Lela A. Perry  1867 1914 w/o Jesse D.(LP)
Reves Jesse D. 1861 1949 h/o Lela (LP)
Scritchfield Lillian Hermoyne Reeves Mar 02 1929 Sep 21 1990 d/o Sama (LP)
Scritchfield  Ray Olen  Jun 27 1924 May 05 1976 h/o Lillian WWII(LP)
Shuler Raymond L. Dec 04 1926 Aug 07 1956 Rest in Peace (LB)
Works Lucille Dec 26 1896 Feb 04 1974 2nd w/o Willie Works
Works Willie May 05 1897 Feb 25 1987 h/o Quinn Works (LP)
Works Quinn"Kid" Reeves Mar 14 1900 Jul 27 1954 sis/o Luther Reeves (LP)