<title>Handley Cemetery, Tarrant Co. Cemeteries of TX

Handley Cemetery

Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, Cemeteries of TX

Photos by Laura Perkins

It is located on Meadowbrook Drive in Fort Worth, right next to the TXU power plant. It is not in very good shape, and it was very hard to get to some of the graves so the photos are not always good.

Historical Marker

Handley Cemetery

This Burial Ground originally served the pioneer settlers of the Handley Communtiy, which developed here soon, after the Texas and Pacific Railroad built A Line to the Area in 1876.  The earliest marked grave is that of Jane E. Thomas (1832-1878)  A Church Building Constructed on  Adjacent Land in 1882, was located here for 28 years.  Severzl Early residents buried at this site, including civil war veteran Maj. James M. Handley (d 1906). for whom the town was named.  were later reinterred in the nearby Rose Hill Cemetery.  The last burial here was in 1967.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Fletcher Polly Caroline Reeves Dec 30 1848 Feb 11 1886 d/o Osborn & Rebecca
Reeves Rebecca Osborne Apr 10 1812 Mar 04 1898 wife of Rev. O. Reeves
Reeves Rev. O. Dec 29 1809 Apr 08 1892 f/o Jesse David Reeves (Isham Cem) from Gordon County, GA  info by LP(& Zane)
Reves G.(eorge) F (ranklin). (Oct 17) 1831 1886 h/o E. C. Reves
Reves E.C(aroline Brewer) 1836 1908 w/o G. F. s/o Osborn & Rebecca Reeves