Crowley Cemetery

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Submitted by Troy Chapman


The Crowley Cemetery is located on North Hampton Road about one and a half blocks North of City Hall and the Fire Department.      

The Texas Historical Commission Marker dedicated in 1980 reads, “This burial ground originally served the early settlers of the Deer Creek area who began moving here about 1848. The earliest known grave is that of Thomas D. Stephenson (1848-1857). The eight-year-old son of I.N. Stephenson (d. 1883) who came to Tarrant County in the 1850’s.         

  The cemetery is under the direction of the Crowley Cemetery Association, and operates under the provisions of the State of Texas, Department of Banking.   

  The Crowley Cemetery Association was reorganized in 2001 and the current officers are: Ray Cunningham, President of the Board; Phillip Hampton, Vice-President; Judy Horton, Secretary/Treasurer.      

  Today, the Crowley Cemetery has one thousand and seventy-seven graves.  

There are ninety-six graves of known veterans. The Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War are represented. Others are from various service periods.  

    There are 120 graves dating prior to 1900. The oldest grave tombstone is inscribed, “Thomas D. son of I. N. and Lucy Stephenson born July 24, 1848 died February 20, 1857. All things that we loved and cherish like our selves must fade and perish.” Another son died in 1860 and a daughter in 1864. A single four-sided tombstone marks all three of these Stephenson graves. The second oldest grave is that of Tabitha Walker who died in 1857 and is identified by an almost illegible sandstone marker.   

  In 1979, the Crowley Cemetery Association and the Tarrant County Historical Commission contacted the Junior Historians of H.F. Stevens Middle School about the Crowley Cemetery Project to help in applying for the historical marker, The work is recorded in their Book “Crowley Cemetery 1980” and is on file at the library. The Junior Historians were Denise Anderson, Cathy Barnes, Cathy Caldwell, Becky Fontenot, Lisa Garner, Misti Hardin, Bridgett McAnthony, Mike Miller, Julie Moore, Charlotte Morris, Pam Presley, Kim Thomas and Kim Webb. Their sponsors were Alta Lee Futch; Librarian and Kathryn Yockstick; Texas History Teacher are to be commended for their work in preserving the history of the Crowley Cemetery. Thanks to the Crowley Library for maintaining the history of Crowley and the Crowley Cemetery.   

  Cemetery information can be obtained from Board Members:  

Ray Cunningham  - (817) 297-1155  

Phillip Hampton - (817) 297-7887  

Judy Horton - Fax: (817) 426-3432  

Troy Chapman - (817) 297-1840 – Email:  

Jean Moody - (817) 297-7531 – Email:  

Joe Corthay - (817) 297-9183  

Keith Teeter - (817) 297-4136  

  The Crowley Cemetery Association will hold it’s annual Heritage Cemetery Work Day on the October 18, 2003.