The Burke Family Cemetery

Tarrant Co, Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Louise Frasier

The Burke Family Cemetary lies in the portion of the original E.H. Burke survey near the Clear Fork of the Trinity River located in about the 3500 block of Bryant Irvin Road ,it is bordered on three sides by the General Dynamics Recreation center. The burial ground, enclosed by a chain link fence contains graves of several mambers of Tarrant County's first families. As of
1982 over 100 graves were marked. Many decendants of the Burke family still reside in the Foort Worth area.
Excerpts from Burke Family History by Alta Lee Futch

The Burke Family Cemetary in Tarrant County Texas is graced with an arch inscribed "1867 Burke Cemetary" In 1984 an historical marker was placed near the gate. Alta Lee Futch was associated with the Tarrant County Historical Commission at that time and was instrumental in getting the marker .The first know burial in the cemetary was that of Mary[Overton] Burke whose  death occured on December 30 1867.

Eliza Lou Burke 1909-1956
Fay O. Burke 4-16-1907-10-29-1907
William H. Burke 1903-1904
William F.Burke 1874-1953
George E. Burke 1896-1902
Elvest W. Burke 1899-1902
Joesph H. Burke 1868-1949
Josephine Burke 1874-1956
William E. Burke 1835-1901
Eliza Louvise Burke 1840-1920
Infant Baby1887
Mary W. Wife of E.H. Burke1816-1867
Hugh Austin son of J.W. and S.C. Burke
Edwina, daughter of J.W. and S.C. Burke
J.W. Burke-1844-1902
E.H. 1848-1914
Charles Elmo Burke 1879-1923
Hazel Burke July 25 1891-
Alvin Porter Burke-1883-1910
Baby Burke-1916
F.M. Burke 1842-1925