Troup Banner Troup TX: June 1, 1922


After a lingering illness of several months, preceded by a long period of general weakness due to advanced age, the spirit of Uncle Dave Webb passed into the Great beyond Friday night, May 26, at the little home of him and his wife in the yard of their friend and benefactor, Mrs. M.V. Shaw. Deceased was born near Nashville, Tenn., July 10, 1838. He was therefore almost 84 years of age. He was united in the early sixties, we are informed, to Mary Jane Looney, to which union four children were born, all of whom, save one now resident of Oklahoma, died many years ago, their mother also passing at comparatively early life. Later he was united in marriage to Bettie Looney who survives him.

David W. Webb was a soldier of the Confederacy, serving well in the lost cause, which he loved. He never united with any church; and he was a man of retiring disposition. He had his own definite convictions but he never obtruded them upon others. He cared not for the limelight; and the quieter way of life, away from the crowd, had their fascination for him. He was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at old Knoxville on Nov. 28, 1871. As such he lived, quietly, humbly, fearlessly. He was the oldest living member of Dixie Lodge, the successor of the Knoxville lodge. By the craftsman of the Lodge his remains were give honorable Masonic Burial at the Rucker Cemetery on Saturday afternoon. A member of the order made a short talk at the grave side attesting the honorable like of the deceased. The late M.V. Shaw said before he himself was called over the river that his friend and neighbor, Dave Webb, was one of the very best men he ever knew. None who knew him will ... that tribute ... (the rest being unreadable).