Edwards-Wilson Grave

 Shelby Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Larry Trekell

I am a  retiree of the US Forest Service, and worked on the Sabine National Forest 28 years.  During that time, I was able to locate several cemeteries and grave sites in the woods owned by the US government.  One summer (about 1978) I made a record of all of these sites, and made a project of marking the sites through the Youth Conservation Corp labor that summer, driving t-posts at the corners of the sites, putting barbed wire around them, and painting the posts bright red, in an attempt to keep logging equipment from running through them.

I found a single grave one day, across the cove south from the Ragtown Recreation Area, on a low hill, that so touched me that I recorded the inscription on the headstone, and still have it.  It said:

Elizabeth J. Edwards
 Jan. 9, 1841
 Married to Benj. Wilson
July 21, 1875
    Just as the sun descends at eve
    Soon with fresher beams to rise
    So shall our mother dear receive
        Life eternal in the skies.