Cemetery censuses of San Patricio County

The county historical commission has published three cemetery census books which are available for purchase at the Taft Blackland Museum.  The commission uses the money for projects.  Book orders are processed through the museum which has books on the Taft Ranch and the Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company.

Cenizo Hill Cemetery (2003)        $7.50            no tax
(located near Mathis, formerly the McNabb Cemetery)
Tom Mathis Cemetery (2002)       $12.00
Sinton Cemetery  (1994)             $15.00
    (annual supplements not yet printed in the book)
To purchase these contact:
Judy Turner
Taft Blackland Museum
301 Green Avenue
Taft TX  78390
Thursdays 10-12 and 1-4
Sundays 2-5
Odem Cemeteries and Taft Cemetery books in progress