Various Burials, No Named Cemetery

San Jacinto Co: Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Brenda Wiggins

 Special thanks to the San Jacinto County, Texas Historical Commission for authorizing use of  historical information contained in their book entitled, “San Jacinto County Texas Cemetery Records,” Copyright 1997.

ABBREVIATIONS .AAD = Age at Death, H/O = Husband Of, S/O = Son Of, W/O = Wife Of

The following graves are scattered throughout San Jacinto County.  The information given was gathered from senior citizens in the area, as well as members of the San Jacinto Historical Commission.  The table lists only graves for which names were available.  In most cases no name was available.  Information on all graves, including those with no name available, is included below the table in #’s 1-8.






Jane Ricks

See #1 below


Mary (Mrs.)

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William R. “Bill”

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1.       On the bank of Durdin’s Creek, Durdin’s Bend, now under Lake Livingston are graves of two whites, Jane Ricks Durdin and a small girl.  Also a large slave cemetery.  It is possible that this is the cemetery a Trinity River Authority representative indicated was moved and is called Wheeler, since local residents are unable to remember a Wheeler Cemetery.

2.       One or two white graves in Mr. Charlie Frank Pierce’s pasture near his home.  One may be 8 year old Tom Sprott who drowned in nearby Shoals, when his horse was watering and he fell off into the water.

3.       Mrs. Mary Johnson, white, buried in field of “Old Groce Place” 5 miles northwest of Point Blank, across the dirt road from Collier William’s home.

4.       Bob Parks, white, buried 4 miles east of FM 946 on Fire Lane Road 407.

5.       One grave, maybe two, marked with native rock in Arnette Sellers’ property, near the Stephen’s Creek community.

6.       About 3 unmarked graves near Elbert Street’s barn in the Willow Springs community.

7.       Baby grave on Mae Wilson property in the Willow Springs community.

8.       Several graves are located across and down the road from the Jenkins Cemetery, traveling south on Hwy. 946 approximately 1.5 miles, take FM 3018 approximately two miles, and continue south on dirt road.  Jenkins Cemetery is approximately 2.5 miles from that point.  Continue on the dirt road.  The graves mentioned above are located on the opposite side of the road.  This is in the Raven Hill Community.  In a telephone interview conducted by a member of the San Jacinto County Historical Commission on April 12, 1976, Mrs. Clara Williams of Oakhurst, TX explained the 2 Bill Kelly tombstones.  A white man, William R. “Bill” Kelly, Mrs. Williams’ grandfather, is buried where the Civil War marker is located.  However, prior to the Civil War marker placement, there was a marker at the grave labeled “W.R.K.”.  Mrs. Williams stated that the “W.R.K.” marker was placed at the head of Herndon Kelly’s grave (her father),  Also, buried by Herndon Kelly is a son named Radford Kelly and a daughter names Dora Kelly.  Between these 3 graves and the peach tree are located a number of childrens’ graves marked only by stones.  Some of the children were Lawson Kelly’s.