Overton Cemetery

San Jacinto Co: Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Brenda Wiggins

 Special thanks to the San Jacinto County, Texas Historical Commission for authorizing use of  historical information contained in their book entitled, “San Jacinto County Texas Cemetery Records,” Copyright 1997.

 ABBREVIATIONS:  AAD = Age at death; C = Circa; D/O = Daughter of; H/O = Husband of; PB = Place of Birth; S/O = Son of; W/O = Wife of 

Overton Cemetery can be reached from Hwy. 980, by an extension into Waterwood Property, off a road east from Staley that once went to Barnett’s Crossing.  It is in a remote area and is marked with only native stone markers.  There are eighteen or more graves her in Overton, but none of them are marked and no one still residing locally is old enough to remember the names of anyone buried here.

 The following information was submitted by Ynette and James Boyce:

Located about ¼ mile north of Pool’s Creek and ½ mile west of Lake Livingston, Overton is beside an old road adjacent to a rock glade (area about ½ acre).  The stones are of native rock and two large rock tombs are obviously adult graves.

15 adult’s graves, native rock, no inscription

3 children’s graves, native rock, no inscription

 One grave has ARR scratched in it.  However, this could have been ABB, ABR, ARB, AAA, AAR, etc. as it was impossible to be sure.

In 1967, Mr. Arnet Williams, a neighbor, said 4 or 5 members of the Overton family are buried in the cemetery.  The Overton family once owned what is now known as the Wallace field.