Miller Cemetery

San Augustine Co., Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Bob Britnell.

MILLER CEMETERY, San Augustine County, Texas; transcribed November 5, 2008, by Bob Britnell. (

DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of US 96 and SR 147 south of San Augustine, go right (south) on 147 3 miles; cross Venado Creek and go right on CR 332; there is a highway sign for Miller Cemetery. Go 1.6 miles on this road and turn left at the sign for Miller Cemetery; this is a very narrow, primitive dirt road leading to private property. Go one-tenth of a mile to the gate and park on the left; there is a sign on a tree.  This cemetery has been abandoned for a long time. There are no discernible boundaries to the cemetery,  and I found only two identifiable headstones, transcribed below. There were two concrete-lined crypts broken open with
no coffins or human remains visible inside, which may have been removed and buried in the ground. Judging  from the proximity of the two marble markers to the crypts, they may mark the locations of the re-buried remains. The crypts appear to be more than 100 years old. There was a large and a small cast-iron marker leaning  against one of the crypts but no lettering was visible through the rust. A search of the surrounding woods revealed more than a dozen depressions in the ground that are unmistakeably graves. The federal censuses for 1850-60-70-80 show Leroy and "Tryphyna" as white farmers; the 1860 slave schedule lists many slaves in the household.

LEROY MILLER; born July 11, 1809 -- died Jan 16, 1887 (born in AL)
TRYPHENIA MILLER; born Dec 28, 1819 -- died Apr 11, 1888 (born in TN)