Levi Crow Cemetery

San Augustine Co., Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Bob Britnell.

LEVI CROW CEMETERY, San Augustine County, Texas; surveyed and photographed December 8, 2008, by Bob Britnell. (misterbob@suddenlink.net) This is a very small family cemetery, located on private property alongside a county road. The only residence on the road is next to the cemetery; the resident is the farmer who owns the  property; he had no objections to visitors to the cemetery.

DIRECTIONS: from the intersection of SR 103 and FM road 705, go south 2.5 miles to the sign for "Pisgah Cemetery" and "Levi Crow Cemetery"; turn left on CR313.
Half a mile down the road you will pass Pisgah Cemetery; keep going another mile until the road curves left to go to the farmhouse and a smaller road goes straight. The cemetery is on the left just past this junction, on the  smaller road. CAUTION: Don't try to visit this cemetery after heavy rainfall; the creek floods the road and makes it impassable.

Phillip DAILEY; May 13, 1910 -- Jan 18, 1990
Mollie M. KING; Oct 5, 1881 -- Jan 5, 1969
John D. KING; Sep 16, 1917 -- Sep 22, 1983
William R. KING; Sep 6, 1880 -- Mar 18, 1951
Melvina S. (Crow) HARVY; Feb 9, 1853 -- Nov 4, 1933
Levi M. CROW; Sep 10, 1815 -- Aug 22, 1854
Mary Louise Hunt CROW; 1821 -- Aug 22, 1898
(This is a recently erected double headstone replacing the much older--and broken--headstones. The following inscription is engraved on this stone)
"Levi and Mary were born in Tenn. He acquired land in San Augustine Co. Texas, 1835 and was elected Constable there the same year. He served in Sam Houston's army in 1836 and in the Texas Mounted Volunteers against Indians in 1838. Elected Justice of the Peace in 1850. He died from a rattlesnake bite in 1854. Their only
child, Melvinie, married Curtis Marshall"
There are also two small graves marked only with natural stones; according to the farmer, they were children who died at birth.